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As you can see, it s extremely easy to identify the browser type here with much less code than it would take in raw JavaScript. There are four predefined browser types to account for the four most popular browsers on the market: * Sys.Browser.InternetExplorer * Sys.Browser.Firefox * Sys.Browser.Opera * Sys.Browser.Safari Identifying the browser version can just as easily be done with the version property of the Sys.Browser class. Keep in mind that all methods of the Sys.Browser class are static like and do not require instantiation.
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The Standard Query Operators ....................................................................................564
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11.5. Naming and Formatting the Show Details Sheet
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Figure 5-8. With a reference parameter, the formal parameter behaves as if it were an alias for the actual parameter.
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Caution As a matter of fact, I should warn you against using the pseudocustom attributes instead of
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Channel Adapter
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Web Service
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Figure 5-13. In the method declaration, optional parameters must be declared after all the required parameters and before the params parameter, if one exists.
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// Check if the Soap Message is Encrypted. if (!IsMessageEncrypted(requestContext)) { throw new ApplicationException("The request is not encrypted."); } // Use the SCT to sign and encrypt the response SoapContext responseContext = ResponseSoapContext.Current; responseContext.Security.Tokens.Add(sct); responseContext.Security.Elements.Add(new MessageSignature(sct)); responseContext.Security.Elements.Add(new EncryptedData(sct)); // Step 2: Return a Quote object, with example data Quote q = new Quote(); if (Symbol.ToUpper() == "MSFT") { q.Symbol = Symbol; // Sample Quote q.Company = "Microsoft Corporation"; q.DateTime = "11/17/2003 16:00:00"; q.Last = 25.15; q.Previous_Close = 25.49; q.Change = -0.36; q.PercentChange = -0.0137; } return q; // Return a Quote object }
Creating and Throwing Custom Exceptions
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