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No single printed book can cover all the new features of Mustang. While I ll try to neatly break up the new features into the following nine chapters, not everything fits in so nicely. For starters, Table 1-1 identifies the new packages in Java SE 6.
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The following method header shows the syntax for the declaration of a parameter array of type int. In this example, formal parameter inVals can represent zero or more actual int parameters. Array of ints void ListInts( params int[] inVals ) { ... Modifier Parameter name The empty set of square brackets after the type name specifies that the parameter will be an array of ints. You don t need to worry about the details of arrays here. They re covered in detail in 14. For our purposes here, though, all you need to know is the following: An array is an ordered set of data items of the same type. An array is accessed by using a numerical index. An array is a reference type and therefore stores all its data items in the heap.
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So far you ve learned how to reference an STL/CLR container using a .NET interface, but there are times when that isn t enough, and you need to iterate over a container, use algorithms, and so on, not just get a .NET interface. In other words, you want to use STL/CLR containers across boundaries as STL/CLR containers, not as .NET types.
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the generic Latch Free wait event. Listing 12-4 shows that in a version 9i database, there are 12 wait events with the event name containing latch, and in Oracle Database version there are 39 such wait events. This increased use of the word latch in event names makes latch contention easier to diagnose. Listing 12-4. Querying to compare wait events between Oracle version 9i and 10g REM Version select name from v$event_name where name like "%latch%" order by 1; NAME ---------------------------------------PX qref latch buffer latch fib/fob latch ges proc table latch kjdrptref 13 rows selected. REM Version select name from v$event_name where name like "%latch%" order by 1; NAME ---------------------------------------------------------------PX qref latch buffer latch gcs remastering wait for read latch gcs remastering wait for write latch ges2 proc latch in rm latch get 1 ges2 proc latch in rm latch get 2 39 rows selected. To see this for yourself, create an AWR or Statspack report and refer to the latch activity section. Then identify the latch that consumes the most time. Listing 12-5 shows that cache buffers chains latch contention induced a wait time of 1556 seconds. To improve performance in this SGA, you must resolve the contention for the cache buffers chains latch. Listing 12-5. Statpack report with latch contention Pct Avg Wait Pct Get Get Slps Time NoWait NoWait Latch Requests Miss /Miss (s) Requests Miss ------------------------ -------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------ -----begin backup scn array 259 0.0 0 0 cache buffer handles 1,590,942 0.1 0.0 0 0 cache buffers chains 543,412,587 0.1 0.2 1556 21,385,402 0.2 cache buffers lru chain 1,103,303 0.5 0.1 0 15,118,767 0.6
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class Program ref modifier ref modifier { static void MyMethod(ref MyClass f1, ref int f2) { f1.Val = f1.Val + 5; // Add 5 to field of f1 param. f2 = f2 + 5; // Add 5 to second param. } static void Main() { MyClass A1 = new MyClass(); int A2 = 10; MyMethod(ref A1, ref A2); ref modifiers // Call the method.
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19 min, 46 sec 4 min, 39 sec 20 min, 11 sec 20 min, 47 sec
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Create Child in DataPortal_XYZ Methods
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Right-associative Left-associative Right-associative
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Comparing Messaging with the HTTP and TCP Protocols
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