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A New Logical Architecture
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GUI programming is event driven, which means that while the program is running, it can be interrupted at any time by events such as button clicks, key presses, or system timers. When this happens, the program needs to handle the event and then continue on its course. Clearly, this asynchronous handling of program events is the perfect situation to use C# events. Windows GUI programming uses events so extensively that there is a standard .NET Framework pattern for using them, which you are strongly encouraged to follow. The foundation of the standard pattern for event usage is the EventHandler delegate type, which is declared in the System namespace. The declaration of the EventHandler delegate type is shown in the following code. The first parameter is meant to hold a reference to the object that raised the event. It is of type object and can, therefore, match any instance of any type. The second parameter is meant to hold state information of whatever type is appropriate for the application. The return type is void. public delegate void EventHandler(object sender, EventArgs e);
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Table 8-3 specifies values for the properties we need to set in order to be able to compile.
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// call the various members and print out the results Console.WriteLine("Ceiling: {0}", decimal.Ceiling(d)); Console.WriteLine("Floor: {0}", decimal.Floor(d)); Console.WriteLine("Negate: {0}", decimal.Negate(d)); Console.WriteLine("Round: {0}", decimal.Round(d)); Console.WriteLine("Truncate: {0}", decimal.Truncate(d)); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } In this listing, I define a decimal value and then call some of the additional members. Compiling and running the code produces the following results: Ceiling: 12346 Floor: 12345 Negate: -12345.12345 Round: 12345 Truncate: 12345 Press enter to finish
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CHAPTER 1: Simplify the User Interface for Complex Games: Chess, the Deep Green Way
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3.4. Using Custom Calculations: % Of
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This chapter focuses on processes, hosts, and marshaling. These topics are seldom discussed under a single banner, and the decisions you make regarding them affect every distributed application. We ll examine some of the options available for hosting applications and also some of the options for communicating across the different processes. Through the course of this discussion, we ll examine Message Queuing in some detail, as well.
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Security Declarations
{ class SocketPolicyConnection { private TcpClient Connection; // Buffer to receive client request private byte[] Buffer; private int Received; // The policy to return private byte[] Policy; //The request string that is expected from the client private static string PolicyRequestString = "<policy-file-request/>"; public SocketPolicyConnection(TcpClient client, byte[] policy) { } // Called when we receive data from the client private void OnReceive(IAsyncResult res) { } // Called after sending the policy and //closes the connection public void OnSend(IAsyncResult ar) { } } } The SocketPolicyConnection class constructor stores a reference to the policy file data and starts receiving the request from the client. public SocketPolicyConnection(TcpClient client, byte[] policy) { Connection = client; Policy = policy; Buffer = new byte[PolicyRequestString.Length]; Received = 0; try { // receive the request from the client Connection.Client.BeginReceive(Buffer, 0, PolicyRequestString.Length, SocketFlags.None, new AsyncCallback(OnReceive), null);
Figure 2-18. Sending a business object to the data portal to be inserted or updated
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