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Now that we have our Visual States, we can use Easing functions to make them a little more life-like and cool. Easing functions are mathematical equations that simulate physics and allow your animations to move in a more realistic, lifelike way. Microsoft really stepped up its game with Easing functions in Blend 3, but I didn t really talk about them much in my last book. I decided to add a little bit about them in this publication. I want to change the default transition time for our Visual State Group from half a second to one full second and then add an Easing function called Bounce Out. This will have the effect of our animations starting off very smooth and then bouncing as they come to an end. You will understand more once you see the effect in action. Let s edit our Visual State Group and add the Easing function now:
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In the last version of Silverlight you had to depend on helper classes to allow the user to make use of the mouse wheel for things like deep zoom or scrolling. In Silverlight 4 the APIs for this are built in, so you no longer have to rely on any external reference assemblies. Further, if you have ItemControls such as ListBoxes, you don t have to write any code to get scrolling to work, as native support for scrolling is built right in to the controls for you. Similarly, there was no support for right-clicking in Silverlight 3. Therefore doing things like having rightclick context menus was impossible. Now you can raise and handle a right-click event just like any other mouse event, such as MouseLeftButtonDown. Following is an example of how you would handle and raise a right-click event on a Rectangle named SimpleRectangle: public MainPage() { // Required to initialize variables InitializeComponent(); SimpleRectangle.MouseRightButtonDown += new MouseButtonEventHandler(SimpleRectangle_MouseRightButtonDown); } void SimpleRectangle_MouseRightButtonDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { // do something here }
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The next step in the wizard is to select the business class that will be the data source. All types in the current project and any referenced projects are listed. As shown in Figure 9-7, they are grouped by namespace.
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If you were to define class Employee, with three fields of type string (as shown in Figure 6-14), you could access the fields using their names, as shown in the code in Main.
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The Flags entry can have only the least significant bit set (corresponding to the ffContainsNoMetaData value; see the CorFileFlags enumeration in CorHdr.h). [run time] The Name entry must refer to a nonempty string in the string heap, no longer than 511 characters plus the zero terminator. The name must be a filename including the extension and excluding the path and the drive letter. [run time] The string referenced by the Name entry must not match S[N][[C]*], where S ::= con | aux | lpt | prn | nul | com N ::= 0..9 C ::= $ | : [run time] The HashValue entry must hold a valid offset in the #Blob stream. The table must not contain duplicate records whose Name entries refer to matching strings. The table must not contain duplicate records whose Name entries refer to strings matching this module s name.
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Design Patterns for SOAP Messaging with WS-Addressing and Routing
Example of Different Classes Implementing an Interface ..................................................................432
Table 14-2. IQueryable Members
There are a number of control enhancements, and a couple of miscellaneous new controls as well.
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