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Note Speaking of UNDO segments being too small, make sure to set your undo tablespace back to your regular one after running these examples, otherwise you ll be hitting ORA-30036 errors for the rest of the book!
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The struct keyword is used to define struct value types, which are usually used to group small numbers of related variable together.
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Business logic includes all business rules, data validation, manipulation, processing, and security for the application. One definition from Microsoft is as follows: The combination of validation edits, login verifications, database lookups, policies, and algorithmic transformations that constitute an enterprise s way of doing business. 1
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Your pivot table is in Tabular Form layout, and you turned on the Merge and Center Cells with Labels option in the PivotTable Options dialog box. All the row labels are vertically and horizontally center-aligned, but you d prefer them to be left-aligned. When you select a label cell and try to change the alignment, you get an error message. This example is based on the Regions.xlsx workbook.
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