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There are two versions of the SDK available (currently named Standard edition and TFS edition). The TFS edition is for Premium/Ultimate and contains compile time verification and some additional features. The Standard edition does not contain this full static verification, but will offer warnings if contracts are breached (in my experiments with Invariants and Pure methods). SDKs are available here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/devlabs/dd491992.aspx.
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Extension Methods
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After you select Fenway Park from Bookmarks, the routing screen takes you to an overview screen. A green pushpin is dropped at the start location, and a red one is dropped at the end location in this case, Fenway Park.
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The continue statement causes program execution to go to the top of the innermost enclosing loop of the following types: while do for foreach For example, the following for loop is executed five times. In the first three iterations, it encounters the continue statement and goes directly back to the top of the loop, missing the WriteLine statement at the bottom of the loop. Execution only reaches the WriteLine statement during the last two iterations. for( int x=0; x<5; x++ ) { if( x < 3 ) continue; // Execute loop five times // The first three times // Go directly back to top of loop
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You can create a racing track from a list of 3D points in a few steps. First you can use the 3D Catmull-Rom interpolation discussed in recipe 5-18 to generate as many extra points as you want that are on a spline between your predefined points. This first step is shown by the arrow going from a in Figure 5-36 to b in Figure 5-36. You cannot define triangles based on this single base spline. For each point of your spline, you will calculate the direction perpendicular to the spline and add a point at both sides of your spline. This is shown in c in Figure 5-36.
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Figure 6-13. Read-only list objects subclassing ReadOnlyListBase
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In the meantime, another department was starting the day at 8 AM, each day preparing a special report for the 9 AM Monday meeting based on some historical data. One component of that report was using exactly the same statement as the screen opened by Mrs. Early Bird and later by tens of her colleagues. That statement was using bind variables, which many consider a best practice (ding!) of database development. The only difference between the statement used by the interactive application and that used in the report was in the bind variables values. Furthermore, a cold database backup was performed each weekend that involved an instance bounce. Thus, all cached SQL and execution plans were, of course, lost. Now, if you know what bind variable peeking is, you are likely to already be on to the true cause and effect chain here. If Mrs. Early Bird starts her Monday early, she executes the key statement first. When Oracle executes an SQL statement with bind variables the first time, it tries to peek into the values of the real variables in an attempt to do a better estimate of cardinalities based on the assumption that most of the following executions will be of the same nature. The application screen produced an execution plan using a nested-loop join with index range scan that performed very quickly for the set of bind variable values that application users tended to use all day long. However, the statement executed with values from the historical report performed better with a full table scan and a hash join, because it involves rows from a significant part of the table. It was thus much faster and cheaper to perform a full scan rather than a nested-loop join, and the optimizer recognized that. The problem was that the bind variables values used by the report were unique and were used
Web services are another type of interface that the application can make available. The primary difference is that a web service interface is designed for use by other applications, not by users directly. Another application can use web services to get or update data in your application. This other application that s consuming your data may or may not have users of its own. This concept is illustrated in Figure 11-2.
Note If there is information you need to collect only on workflow association (which would typically be
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