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Objects can work very well in web development, if they re designed and used properly.
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So far, I have been declaring derived classes in the same assembly where the base class is declared. But C# also allows you to derive a class from a base class defined in a different assembly. To do this, the following must be true: The base class must be declared public, so that it can be accessed from outside its assembly. You must include a reference in your Visual Studio project to the assembly containing the base class. To make it easier to refer to the classes and types in the other assembly, without using their fully qualified names, place a using directive at the top of the source file, with the namespace containing the classes or types you want to access.
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Tip If you don t know how to create an XML file from an object automatically, you can learn how to do this
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Figure 15-8. Improved error handling for user controls
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JSR 31 defined the first release of the XML Data Binding Specification. According to its JSR description, its goal was to offer a facility for compiling an XML Schema into one or more Java classes which can parse, generate, and validate documents that follow the schema. In overly simple terms, it lets you map JavaBeans components to XML documents, and vice versa. This was first made available as part of the Java Web Services Developer Pack (WSDP) and became standard fare for J2EE developers. JSR 222 updates the original version of JAXB to the 2.0 release, and Mustang brings JAXB 2.0 into the Java 6 release with the javax.xml.bind package and its subpackages. In other words, as web services have become more mainstream and not limited to full-scale server-side applications, pieces of the web services pack, like JAXB, have joined the ranks of standard APIs in the desktop release of the Java platform. See 7 for more information on the web services support available with Mustang. Many tutorials on JAXB 2.0 have been available online for some time for use with Java EE 5. With minimal changes, you can use these tutorials with Java SE 6. But, before jumping right into the how-to bit, it is important to point out what exactly JAXB 2.0 offers. Essentially, JAXB offers a mapping from a JavaBeans component to XML Schema, and vice versa. The 2.0 release of JAXB adds the Java-to-XML Schema support that wasn t found with 1.0. With 1.0, you can do XML Schema to Java, but not vice versa. Now, you can go both ways with JAXB 2.0. Before digging too deeply into the details, it is important to show a quick example. Then I ll explain it, with more details of the API. Listing 6-1 defines an inner Point class whose state will be saved to an XML file. The important bit about the inner class is the @XmlRootElement annotation. As the name implies, the Point class will be used as an XML root element. Each JavaBeans property of the class will then become an element inside the root element.
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package java.lang; import java.lang.annotation.*; @Documented @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) public @interface Deprecated { }
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In addition to these specific namespaces, security atoms can be found lurking within XML configuration files, assembly metadata, and various development and configuration tools. While space doesn t permit a complete discussion of these aspects, we ll begin this chapter by briefly examining the following topics: The role of strongly named assemblies Encryption services Role-based security After we provide an initial overview of common .NET security technologies, in the remaining bulk of the chapter we address the details of securing ASP .NET 2.0 web applications using the types within the System.Web.Security namespace.
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By creating a VertexBuffer from your vertices array, you re copying the vertex data to video RAM. Once your vertices have been stored in video RAM, you should call the DrawPrimitives method (instead of the DrawUserPrimitives method), which feeds the vertices from fast video RAM to the GPU.
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// create and populate the collection SortedSet<string> set = new SortedSet<string>( new StringLengthComparer()) { "banana", "mango", "cherry", "apple", "guava" }; // enumerate the contents of the set foreach (string s in set) { Console.WriteLine("Set Item: {0}", s); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } class StringLengthComparer : IComparer<string> { public int Compare(string T1, string T2) { return Comparer<int>.Default.Compare(T1.Length, T2.Length); } } } } The StringLengthComparer class in the listing, shown in bold, implements the IComparer<string> interface and compares instances of string based on their length. I used the default comparer for the int type by calling Comparer<int>.Default. This returns an instance of IComparer<int>. You can use the default comparer for any type that implements the System.IComparable<T> interface, which includes many of the C# intrinsic types. Of course, I could have implemented the comparer without relying on the default, in which case the Compare method would have looked something like this: public int Compare(string T1, string T2) { if (T1.Length == T2.Length) { return 0; } else if (T1.Length > T2.Length) { return 1; } else { return -1; } } Using the default comparer is a convenience but far from essential. Compiling and running the code in Listing 19-30 gives the following output: Set Item: mango Set Item: banana Press enter to finish
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Downloading Pictures from Web Sites
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CHAPTER 23: Eliminate Your Paper Notes
At this point, all the common behaviors from ProjectResource and ResourceAssignment have been normalized into a single location in the object model.
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