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StackPanel. Here s the resulting XAML that Blend created: <StackPanel HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="101,39,0,139" Width="195"> <Ellipse Fill="#FFF4F4F5" Height="65" Stroke="Black" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="83"/> <Ellipse Fill="#FFF4F4F5" Height="68" Stroke="Black" Width="100" HorizontalAlignment="Left"/> <Ellipse Fill="#FFF4F4F5" Height="95" Stroke="Black" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="104"/> </StackPanel> Notice that the StackPanel arranges your three Ellipses vertically inside of it (see Figure 4-8).
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Methods contain most of the code for the actions that make up a program. The remainder is in other function members, such as properties and operators but the bulk is in methods. The term flow-of-control refers to the flow of execution through your program. By default, program execution moves sequentially from one statement to the next. The control statements allow you to modify the order of execution. In this section, I will just mention some of the available control statements you can use in your code. 9 covers them in detail. Selection statements: These statements allow you to select which statement, or block of statements, to execute. if: Conditional execution of a statement. if...else: Conditional execution of one statement or another. switch: Conditional execution of one statement from a set. Iteration statements: These statements allow you to loop, or iterate, on a block of statements. for: Loop testing at the top. while: Loop testing at the top. do: Loop testing at the bottom. foreach: Execute once for each member of a set. Jump statements: These statements allow you to jump from one place in the block or method to another. break: Exit the current loop. continue: Go to the bottom of the current loop. goto: Go to a named statement. return: Return execution to the calling method. For example, the following method shows several of the flow-of-control statements. Don t worry about the details. void SomeMethod() { int IntVal = 3; Equality comparison operator if( IntVal == 3 ) Console.WriteLine("Value is 3."); for( int i=0; i<5; i++ ) Console.WriteLine("Value of i: {0}", i); }
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6. Make sure that the option to create action methods for create, update, and delete scenarios is unchecked (you will create them in this example, but this is a useful option to quickly put an application together). Click Add. Replace the method Index with the following code: public ActionResult Index() { ViewData["Message"] = "Hello and welcome to MVC!"; return View(); }
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extreme difference in the number of appearances of the values. The query we want to run and get a reasonable cardinality for is just this: select * from parcels where and ; pcl.pickup_date >= sysdate - 1 pcl.delivery_status = "In-transit" pcl
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using Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator; namespace MFEmulator1 { class Program : Emulator { public override void SetupComponent() { base.SetupComponent(); } public override void InitializeComponent() { base.InitializeComponent();
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The ref keyword causes arguments to be passed by reference in a method so that any changes are reflected in the original variable.
-(NSInteger)retrieveScoreForUser:(NSString *)usr { NSString *urlStr = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%@/score.php u=%@",server,usr]; NSURL *scoreURL = [NSURL URLWithString:urlStr]; NSString *returnStr = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:scoreURL]; // perform some validation on returnStr if necessary return [returnStr integerValue]; } -(void)updateScoreForUser:(NSString *)usr withScore:(NSInteger)scr { NSString *urlStr = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%@/updateScore.php u=%@&s=%i",server,usr,scr]; NSURL *scoreURL = [NSURL URLWithString:urlStr]; NSString *returnStr = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:scoreURL]; // perform some validation on returnStr if necessary }
Figure 5-9. With an output parameter, the formal parameter behaves as if it were an alias for the actual parameter, but with the additional requirement that it must be assigned to inside the method.
As you can see from the join and combination operations, having additional range variables can be useful. You can create your own and assign any value you want to it by using the let keyword. Listing 2736 provides a demonstration. Listing 27-36. Creating a arrange Variable with the let Keyword using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; class Fruit { public Fruit(string nameParam, string colorParam, int stockParam) { Name = nameParam; Color = colorParam; ItemsInStock = stockParam; } public string Name { get; set; } public string Color { get; set; } public int ItemsInStock { get; set; } } class Listing 36 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a data source containing Fruit objects List<Fruit> myFruitList = new List<Fruit>() { new Fruit("Cherry", "Red", 500), new Fruit("Apple", "Green", 230), new Fruit("Plum", "Red", 300),
If a property is not updatable, Authorizer will check to see whether the UI control has an IsReadOnly property; if it does, it will set the value to True. Otherwise, it will set the IsEnabled property to False, because all controls have that property. The SetWrite() method handles this. Private Sub SetWrite(ByVal bnd As Binding, _ ByVal ctl As UIElement, ByVal source As IAuthorizeReadWrite) Dim canWrite = source.CanWriteProperty(bnd.Path.Path) ' enable/disable writing of the value Dim propertyInfo = _ ctl.GetType().GetProperty("IsReadOnly", _ BindingFlags.FlattenHierarchy Or _ BindingFlags.Instance Or _ BindingFlags.Public) If propertyInfo IsNot Nothing Then propertyInfo.SetValue(ctl, (Not canWrite), New Object() {}) Else ctl.IsEnabled = canWrite End If End Sub There is no standard interface you can use to find the IsReadOnly property, so reflection is used. If the property exists, it will be set; otherwise, the code will fall back to disabling the UI control entirely. The Authorizer control can save a lot of UI code when building a form for editing details, because it manages the status of all data bound detail controls with little or no code required in the UI itself. You can see how this is used in 19.
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