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Instead of single factory methods to create and retrieve the object, you will need two methods for each operation: one Public, the other Friend. To keep this organized, you may consider creating separate code regions for each. For example, one region may have the root factories. #Region "Root Factory Methods" Public Shared Function NewSwitchableObject() As SwitchableObject Return DataPortal.Create(Of SwitchableObject)() End Function
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Back already Good, let s fire up Blend and create Newton s Cradle using Timed Storyboard Animations!
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------| 0|SELECT STATEMENT | | 25 | 25 | 175 | 175 | 3 3 (0)| 00:00:01 | (0)| 00:00:01 |
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If it is known that a query will process a large amount of data or return a large result set, verify the following: The query is reasonable: Is it really necessary to process the large result set, and in particular is it really desirable to return a large result set to the client The query uses an efficient access path: Processing a large amount of data is usually accomplished most efficiently when using full table scan operations. In order to speed up a query that must process a large amount of data, consider one of the following approaches: Make sure that the OPTIMIZER_MODE is set to ALL_ROWS. Increase the PGA memory available for processing by either increasing the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET, or switching to manual work-area size management (WORKAREA_SIZE_POLICY = MANUAL) with a large SORT_AREA_SIZE and HASH_AREA_SIZE setting.
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member of the string class. It is not. Parse is not a single method at all, but a number of methods implemented by the target types.
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I ll discuss each of these types at a high level.
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StreamReader^ sr = gcnew StreamReader(FileName); String^ line = nullptr; while (!sr->EndOfStream) { DumpPage(sr, line); ++pagesDumped; if (!sr->EndOfStream) Console::ReadKey(); } sr->Close(); } }; The component implemented here can be used to dump a file page by page to the console. After each page is written, a key is read from the console to ensure that the user can read each part of the file. The property FileName has two attributes. The text passed in the attribute Description is shown in Visual Studio s Properties window when the property FileName is selected. The attribute Category defines which category of the Properties window the property appears in. The attribute Browsable is used to define that the property PagesDumped does not appear in the Properties window. To use the FileDumper in the component designer, you can select Choose Items from the context menu of the Toolbox window and browse to the assembly defining the FileDumper component class. Once this is done, the FileDumper can be picked from the Toolbox window and dropped on another component, and the property FileName can be set. To dump the file, you have to write some code that calls the Dump method on the FileDumper object. Code using the contained components is typically written in methods of the containing class.
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DocCleanerWF workflowProperties The name of the variable that represents our SPWorkflowActivation Properties object. This object is created automatically and the name cannot be edited here.
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The Design Workspace
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Every C# program must have one class with a method (function) called Main. In the SimpleProgram program shown previously, it was declared in a class called Program. The starting point of execution of every C# program is at the first instruction in Main. The name Main must be capitalized. The simplest form of Main is the following: static void Main( ) { Statements }
Logical errors are more problematic. A logical error is when the type changes its details without causing a syntax error. These types of errors are especially challenging because the compiler won t report the error. Defensive code (code that has built-in error mechanisms) can catch the error when the program is running. Logical errors are more commonly called bugs, or in slang terms, features. Logical errors are often due to bad code design, poor implementation, or lack of testing. Logical errors arise because of a misunderstanding between the consumer and the module. It could be argued that a logical error isn t an error, but the result of a necessary change. However, this brings back what my Engineering Statics professor said: Either the bridge stands or it falls; there is no middle ground. It doesn t matter what a logical error is called; the code still doesn t work, and it needs to be fixed. Regardless of why the logical error occurred, the costs of a logical error can be disproportionately high in financial or political impression terms. A logical error can occur because the code contains uncontrolled or unmanageable referencing of other types. In the simple consumer code example you saw previously, only two types were referenced. Imagine four simple consumer code examples that only reference two or three types. If any of the consumer code implementations made a method call at the wrong moment, or made certain assumptions, the number of logical errors once you factor in combinations and permutations can be staggering. The logical-error scenario gets worse when a fix causes other logical errors to occur, a symptom known as feature interaction that s a particularly deadly form of logical error. Feature-interaction errors are difficult and tedious to battle, and more often than not result in code that needs to be rewritten. Feature-interaction errors should be avoided; patterns help with this problem. Test-driven development keeps feature-interaction errors in check because any changes that cause other problems to occur are immediately recognized. An immediate recognition causes an immediate fix, ensuring that a feature-interaction error is squashed while it s still small and tamable. Consider the following: imagine a room of people. Each person is a type, and like a party where each person can communicate with each other person, types can reference one another without regard. If the communication is organized, then there will be only a slight murmur of voices when several people are communicating at one time. If things were to get out of control, the noise would reach extremely loud levels, spiraling into cacophony. This is because for somebody to communicate with another person, he has to speak louder than the noise level of the room. The next person does the same thing, and shortly, you ll find everybody shouting. If the sound can be kept to a lower level, then everything is still controllable. Relating this back to types and referencing, if types reference one another without any order, the code will quickly become hard to understand because too many types reference other types.
Command Objects
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