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Backup and restore your iPod touch Update the iPod touch operating system software Sync and manage your applications (apps) Sync your music library and playlists Sync movies, TV shows, podcasts, and iTunes U content Sync books Sync photos
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A namespace is not closed. This means you can add more type declarations to it by declaring it again either later in the source file or in another source file. For example, Figure 10-9 shows the declaration of three classes, all in the same namespace but declared in separate source files. The source files can be compiled into a single assembly, as shown in Figure 10-9, or into separate assemblies, as shown in Figure 10-10.
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Listing 16-23. Escaping Brace Characters in a Composite Format String using System; class Listing 23 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a string that has format items and // escape sequences for brace characters string formatString = "My name is {{{0}}}"; // use composite formatting Console.WriteLine(formatString, "Adam"); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Compiling and running Listing 16-23 produces the following results: My name is {Adam} Press enter to finish
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Understanding the Basics
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Maintaining a List of Roles
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The View represents the UI portion of the pattern. The View binds to a ViewModel and displays the information for the user either to view or to edit. It represents the visual side of the Model. It defines all of your visual elements and bindings needed to tie our View and ViewModels together. You can also store any needed storyboards or animations in your View. It is common practice to set the DataContext of the View equal to an instance of your ViewModel. This can be done as a resource in XAML, or as a variable created in the code-behind. I have found it beneficial to have a 1:1 correspondence of View to ViewModel to begin with. If at a later date you need to change the visuals of your ViewModel, you can create a new View and take advantage of your existing ViewModel.
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There are many options for using Twitter on the iPod touch. The easiest way to follow others and to tweet is to use one of the Twitter apps from the App Store.
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Gets or sets the x radius of the ellipse used for defining the ellipse s sides. Gets or sets the y radius of the ellipse used for defining the ellipse s top and bottom. Gets or sets the center point (x, y coordinates) of the ellipse.
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The UI-in-charge approach uses .NET s ability to pass objects by value, but requires the UI developer to know about and interact with the application server. The object-in-charge approach enables a very simple set of UI code, but makes the object code prohibitively complex by making it virtually impossible to pass the objects by value. The class-in-charge option provides a good compromise by providing reasonably simple UI code that s unaware of application servers, while also allowing the use of .NET s ability to pass objects by value, thus reducing the amount of plumbing code needed in each object. Hiding more information from the UI helps create a more abstract and loosely coupled implementation, thus providing better flexibility.
Supporting Physical N-Tier Models
Skinning the Design
Figure 5-43. With the playhead at 1.5 seconds, rotate the UserControl to 45 degrees.
Web Services as Components
Changes the extension component of a path string Combines the parameters (or the elements in the array parameter) to form a properly separated path string, which is returned as a result
// Print out each element.
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