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Likewise, you can create a static method in the class in order to load an object with data from the data store as shown: public static Customer GetCustomer(string criteria) { var factory = new ChannelFactory<BusinessService.IBusinessService>("BusinessService"); try { var proxy = factory.CreateChannel(); using (proxy as IDisposable) { return = proxy.GetCustomer (criteria); } } finally { factory.Close(); } } Again, the code contacts the application server, providing it with the criteria necessary to load the object s data and create a fully populated object. That object is then returned by value to the GetCustomer() method running on the client and then back to the UI code. As before, the UI code remains simple: Customer cust = Customer.GetCustomer(myCriteria); The class-in-charge model requires that you write static factory methods in each class but keeps the UI code simple and straightforward. It also takes full advantage of .NET s ability to pass objects across the network by value, thereby minimizing the plumbing code in each object. Overall, it provides the best solution, which is used (and refined further) in the chapters ahead.
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hat good is a game without any objects It would be quite impossible, however, to manually specify the shapes of all objects you use in your game. Luckily, XNA can load Models that have been created in specific modeling applications and have been saved to disk. Once you ve loaded them into your XNA project, you can move and rotate your Models around in your scene and even animate them! The first recipes of this chapter explain how to load a Model from a file and how to position it correctly in your 3D world. Next, you ll find a detailed discussion on the structure of a Model object, allowing you to make your Models come to life by animating them. Furthermore, this chapter presents some different collision detection mechanisms, because most games rely heavily on this. These checks range from some very fast, volume-based checks to the most detailed per-triangle check. Because some of the advanced recipes require a custom content processor for the Models, this chapter demonstrates how to extend the default Model processor and how to pass objects of custom classes using a custom-built TypeWriter and a custom-built TypeReader. You ll definitely need some models to make your 3D world come alive. However, if you use an orthogonal Projection matrix (see recipe 2-13), a 2D game can also use Models. Specifically, the recipes in this chapter cover the following: Loading 3D Models from files. Scaling, rotating, moving, and drawing them into your 3D world (recipes 4-1, 4-2, and 4-6) Polishing the movement of your Models by making sure they are always facing the direction they re going to and by adding acceleration (recipes 4-3 and 4-4) Letting the user select Models using the pointer on the screen (recipe 4-19) Making your Models come alive by visualizing their structure and animating them (recipes 4-8 and 4-9) Checking for collisions between your Models by using some fast mechanisms (recipes 4-10 and 4-11) Learning how you can detect collisions on the finest level of detail, by checking for collisions for each triangle of your Model (recipe 4-18) Rendering your Model using your own HLSL effects because the BasicEffect class no longer suits your needs (recipes 4-7 and 4-12)
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Figure 33-9. The configured controls on the design surface
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Note See http://www.battleagainstanyguess.com/2007/06/missing-the-point/ for the full story.
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