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To integrate a custom principal object with the data portal, the framework provides the Csla. BusinessPrincipalBase class. This class implements the System.Security.Principal.IPrincipal interface, but with the intent that business developers will override the implementation to meet their application requirements: <Serializable()> _ Public Class BusinessPrincipalBase Implements IPrincipal Private mIdentity As IIdentity Public Overridable ReadOnly Property Identity() As IIdentity _ Implements IPrincipal.Identity Get Return mIdentity End Get End Property Public Overridable Function IsInRole(ByVal role As String) As Boolean _ Implements IPrincipal.IsInRole Return False End Function Protected Sub New(ByVal identity As IIdentity) mIdentity = identity End Sub End Class
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NAME -----------------------------Diag Enabled ADR Base ADR Home Diag Trace Diag Alert Diag Incident Diag Cdump Health Monitor Default Trace File Active Problem Count Active Incident Count 11 rows selected.
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Indirect Call Signatures
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First, the Save() method itself is overridden. This is partially because it implements authorization code just like you saw in the Project class. But it also adds code to invalidate the RoleList cache: Public Overrides Function Save() As Roles ' see if save is allowed If Not CanEditObject() Then Throw New System.Security.SecurityException( _ "User not authorized to save roles") End If ' do the save Dim result As Roles result = MyBase.Save() ' this runs on the client and invalidates ' the RoleList cache RoleList.InvalidateCache() Return result End Function
The Resources table will hold the data for the various resources that can be assigned to a project. The columns for this table are shown in Figure 3-22. Once again, the Id column is the primary key it s an int that is configured as an identity column using the Column Properties window. This table has now been given an identity key; the code in 18 will demonstrate how to support this concept within your business objects. As with the Description field in the Projects table, the LastName and FirstName columns allow null values even though they have no business meaning. Again, this is merely to illustrate how to build business objects to deal with real-world database designs and their intrinsic flaws.
Example of a User-Defined Conversion
1. Right-click the Acme.Orchestrations project name in the Solution Explorer and select Add New Item. 2. Select Orchestration Files in the left pane and BizTalk Orchestrations in the right pane. Save your orchestration as OrderProcessing.odx. 3. Right-click the Acme.Orchestrations project name and select Add Reference. 4. Select the Projects tab and add the order schema from the Acme.Schemas project. 5. Switch over to the Orchestration View window. Right-click the Messages folder and select New Message, as shown in Figure 11-3.
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