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Table 29-4. XElement Members
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Constructors with Parameters
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void MainPage_Drop(object sender, DragEventArgs e) { FrameworkElement fe = sender as FrameworkElement; String objectName = fe.Name; IDataObject dataObject = e.Data as IDataObject; FileInfo[] files = dataObject.GetData(DataFormats.FileDrop) as FileInfo[]; }
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The most important files in the previous lists are the data files and the redo log files, because they contain the data you worked so hard to accumulate. I can lose any and all of the remaining files and still get to my data. If I lose my redo log files, I may start to lose some data. If I lose my data files and all of their backups, I ve definitely lost that data forever. We will now take a look at the types of files, where they are usually located, how they are named and what we might expect to find in them.
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As you ll see in 15, the data portal ultimately creates an instance of the object and invokes the DataPortal_Fetch() method. Normally, a child object wouldn t implement this method at all, but when using lazy loading, you do implement this method. The method is responsible for loading the child object with data from the database: Private Sub DataPortal_Fetch( _ ByVal criteria As SingleCriteria(Of ChildType, Integer)) MarkAsChild() ' load child with data from database End Sub The important thing to remember in this case is that you must call MarkAsChild() to indicate that this is a child object. You must do this manually because the data portal is being used to load the object here as though it were a root object. The data portal doesn t know to mark the object as a child automatically, so you must do it explicitly.
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The ICommand implementations interact with the external environment using the Receiver type. Any other interaction should be avoided, as it could lead to a referencing nightmare. The ICommand implementations are read only once they have been assigned, and if the state needs to be modified, an ICommand implementation is cloned. The Invoker class is responsible for managing the collection of ICommand implementations, including serialization.
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Tape backup has been the dominant backup paradigm for customers hosting Oracle for some time. A shift in thinking is needed to see how hosting production Oracle services on EC2 is safe and reliable, despite there being no exact equivalent of tape backup. Both Oracle and Amazon intend for clouddeployed Oracle databases to be backed up to S3, the Simple Storage Service. To this end, Oracle has provided the Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module, an MML for Oracle Recovery Manager. In addition to backups of EC2-hosted databases, the OSB cloud module can be used to back up conventionally hosted databases to S3. MMLs such as Symantec s Veritas NetBackup and EMC NetWorker give RMAN the ability to back up to tape libraries via the SBT interface. Similarly, the OSB cloud module allows RMAN to back up to S3 as though it were a tape library. Because S3 is geographically replicated and inexpensive, it is well suited as a substitute for tape backups and vaulting. Oracle backups on EC2 can be made directly to S3, or make use of disk backups. On EC2, disk backups would be to an EBS-based file system or ASM storage. Using a combination of the Flash Recovery Area (db_recovery_file_dest) and RMAN, backup optimization can minimize the size of subsequent Flash Recovery Area backups to S3 storage. As with all backups, a solution using S3 and the OSB cloud module should be thoroughly tested for both functionality and time to recovery (TTR).
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Enable users to initiate workflows available in the document library that their document is stored in. Enable Forms Server integration so users can directly interact with their workflow from the client applications. Embed the Workflow Designer into a task pane to allow advanced users to create ad hoc workflows from within Office 2003. With a little additional work, this one could be rolled into Office 2007 as well. Integrate the ASPX task form directly into the task pane rather than launching an external browser session. This could come close to mimicking the Forms Server without requiring Forms Server. Build the task pane with a user control. This will give you better control over the UI so you can make the task pane look nicer. Add a new button to allow the user to refresh the workflow task information on demand. There is more, I m sure, that you ll think of based on your needs and background. My main goal here was to show that the functionality was possible and to get you thinking. If you d like to explore this further, please stop by my web site I ll post some musings on this and other topics as often as my copious spare time allows.
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