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5-19. Create the Vertices for a Racing Track
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Indexer Overloading
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Adding the technique definition makes your effect usable as it is. If you update the xTime variable each frame, your waves will be updated by the vertex shader: technique OceanWater { pass Pass0 { VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 OWVertexShader(); PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 OWPixelShader(); } }
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Like CanReadProperty(), the PropertyHasChanged() method uses System.Diagnostics to determine the name of the current property, which incurs a marginal performance hit. If this is a problem for you, the code can be changed to provide the literal name of the property: PropertyHasChanged("Name") Again, this is a trade-off between performance and maintainability; you ll have to determine which is most important for your application. The validation rules to be checked are associated with the property in the AddBusinessRules() method, which is implemented later in the chapter. Most rule methods assume that the value to be validated is already in the object s property, which is why it is important that the instance field be set to the new value before the validation rules are invoked. The IsDirty property indicates whether the object s data has been changed. Since a new value has been put into the object, this property must now return True. Finally, since the object s data has changed, any UI bound to the object through data binding must update its display. This is done by raising a PropertyChanged event, as discussed in 3. The PropertyHasChanged() method takes care of this automatically.
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Note LOB data that is stored out of line in the LOB segment does not make use of the PCTFREE/PCTUSED
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The char type and character literals are discussed in 16.
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Silverlight 3
Using SOAP Messages for Probing
Thoughts on Usage
The Problem
Static Classes
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