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In this example, the Factory.Instantiate method has an additional type identifier that would be used to instantiate the correct implementation type. The solution is elegant and rather clever. Consider the following implementation: public class Factory { public static IMathematics Instantiate<type>() { if( typeof( type) is int) { return new ImplIMathematics(); } } } In the implementation of Instantiate, an if block tests which type the Generic .NET parameter is. Then, depending on the type, the appropriate implementation is instantiated. The advantage of this approach is that the Factory class can be extended to support new types without needing the client to be recompiled or changed.
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This simple web method returns at least three suggested strings that, for the purposes of this sample, are simply the prefix with the index number of the list array. In most practical cases, you want to use more complex logic for suggestions of value, but you must be careful about performing very long and resource-intensive operations here. If you are planning to make database calls with intricate queries, make sure you have done ample testing to ensure its feasibility because the suggestions are useless if they take a long time to return. When you run this page in the browser, you can see the suggested terms three at a time as you type in the text box (see Figure 7-9).
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The CopyState() method will take a snapshot of the object s current data and store it in a System.Collections.Stack object.
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Predefined Attributes
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Multiple platforms: The system runs on a broad range of computers, from servers and desktop machines to PDAs and cell phones. Industry standards: The system uses industry-standard communication protocols, such as XML, HTTP, SOAP, and WSDL. Security: The system can provide a much safer execution environment, even in the presence of code obtained from suspect sources.
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In your workbook, you imported a text file that contains billing data, on to the BillingData worksheet. This created an external data range that has a connection to the text file. If new billing records are added to the external file, they appear in the external data range when it s refreshed. However, the pivot table is based on the imported data, but when you refresh the pivot table, the new records don t appear. You can t create a formatted Excel Table from the external data range, or the connection to the external data will be lost. This problem is based on the Billing.xlsx sample workbook. Depending on your security settings, you may see a security warning when opening the sample file. To work with the file, you can enable the data connections.
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So, when we insert 01-JAN-4712BC, the century byte is 53 and 53 100 = 47, the century we inserted. Because it is negative, we know that it is a BC date. This storage format also allows the dates to be naturally sortable in a binary sense. Since 4712 BC is less than 4710 BC, we d like a binary representation that supports that. By dumping those two dates, we can see that 01-JAN-4710BC is larger than the same day in 4712 BC, so they will sort and compare nicely: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> insert into t (x) values 2 ( to_date( "01-jan-4710bc", 3 "dd-mon-yyyybc hh24:mi:ss" ) ); 1 row created. ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select x, dump(x,10) d from t; X D --------- -----------------------------------
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Figure 10-7. Animated rectangle example demonstrating foreground animation
Figure 18-23. Boxing creates a copy that can be manipulated separately.
Figure 3-6. The message box showing the value of IsEdible
It is very easy to accumulate quite a collection of bookmarks, since setting them up is so easy. You may find you no longer need a particular bookmark, or you may want to organize them by adding new folders. If you have organized your Phone Favorites list, you already know how to organize your bookmarks; you use the same steps. Like other lists on your iPod touch, you can reorder your Bookmarks list and remove entries.
Pixel Shaders
Windows (Kerberos/ NTLM) ASP .NET Forms-based security Active Directory IIS Passport Windows role-based security custom roles in ASP.NET code access security Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Server, Encryption library in the Framework class library IIS logs SQL Server logs and backups NT application logs traceability E2E instrumentation (future) Security Policy Groups NT application logs Windows integrated security Impersonation Active Directory others.
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