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With the new iPod touch, Apple has introduced a new concept to portable gaming: the Game Center. Game Center is a place for you to meet up with friends, invite friends to play a game or to share accomplishments from games you and your friends both play.
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TX (Transaction) Locks
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Another example is the following code, which sends three literal strings to the program s console window: System.Console.Write ("This is text1."); System.Console.Write ("This is text2."); System.Console.Write ("This is text3."); This code produces the output that follows. Notice that Write does not append a newline character after the string, so the output of the three statements runs together on a single line. This is text1. This is text2. This is text3. First Second Third statement statement statement
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The next step in the process is to tell the business object that it is about to be invoked by the data portal. This is done by calling the object s DataPortal_OnDataPortalInvoke() method: MethodCaller.CallMethodIfImplemented( _ obj, "DataPortal_OnDataPortalInvoke", _ New DataPortalEventArgs(context)) Notice the use of the CallMethodIfImplemented() method on the MethodCaller class. This method was discussed earlier in the chapter, and it invokes the named method if it exists on the object, but does not throw an exception if the method isn t there. This is a way of invoking methods that are considered optional on the business object. A business developer can implement this method to do any preprocessing prior to an actual DataPortal_XYZ method being called. And that s the very next step: MethodCaller.CallMethod(obj, "DataPortal_Create", criteria) This isn t optional, so MethodCaller.CallMethod() is used. If it doesn t find a matching method, it will throw an exception. Recall that it tries to invoke a method that has a strongly typed parameter matching the type of the criteria object; otherwise, it will invoke one with a parameter of type Object. Since the Create() method is creating a new object, the business object s MarkNew() method is invoked to ensure that the object s status is set to being new and dirty: MethodCaller.CallMethodIfImplemented(obj, "MarkNew") Though the MarkNew() method is implemented by Csla.Core.BusinessBase, it isn t implemented by Csla.BusinessListBase; thus, it is considered optional.
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GPU Hardware Acceleration
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Condition 1 Condition 2
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