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Note See the SDK article scid=kb;en-us;313091 for a detailed
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Figure 25-3. Asynchronous DNS lookups
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As an example, the following code declares two classes: DaysTemp and Program. The two fields in DaysTemp are declared public, so they can be accessed from outside the class. Method Main is a member of class Program. It creates a variable and object of class DaysTemp, and assigns values to the fields of the object. It then reads the values of the fields and prints them out. class DaysTemp { public int High = 75; public int Low = 45; } // Declare class DaysTemp
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</ComplexProp> </MyComp> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator> Listing 12-16 shows a commonly used application of the type attribute, and Listing 12-17 shows the same application with direct type specification. Listing 12-16. Practical Sample Application for the type Specifier < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <Types> <MemoryManager>Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Memory.MemoryManager</MemoryManager> <RamManager>Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Memory.RamManager</RamManager> </Types> <EmulatorComponents> <MemoryManager> <RamManager type="RamManager"> <Size format="HexNumber">2000000</Size> </RamManager> </MemoryManager> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator> The sample in Listing 12-17 works only because the RamManager class is a built-in component in the Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.dll assembly. If you have custom components and types that are placed in other assemblies, you must use the first sample and specify the assembly. Listing 12-17. Practical Sample Application for the type Specifier with Direct Type Specification < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <EmulatorComponents> <MemoryManager> <RamManager type="Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Memory.RamManager"> <Size format="HexNumber">2000000</Size> </RamManager> </MemoryManager> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator>
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for the shortest amount of time possible, and the same is true for any files the object might open on disk. However, there are cases in which business objects can legitimately contain an expensive resource something like a multi-megabyte image in a field, perhaps.
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Figure 3-7. Merged child items with assignment information Perhaps business logic could be added to properties to throw exceptions if they were called from an inappropriate context. But the obvious complexity of this sort of logic should give you pause. The problem is that one object is trying to handle more than one responsibility. Such a scenario means that the object model is flawed. Going down such a path will lead to complex, hard-to-maintain code.
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It s important to recall that when the server-side DataPortal is remote, the updated root object returned to the UI is a new object. The UI must update its references to use this new object in lieu of the original root object.
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During this recipe, your program will cycle through three self-defined states. As in the previous recipe, you ll start in the SignIn state where the user is asked to select an account. The SignedIn state of the previous recipe is replaced by the CreateSession state, where you ll create a new network session and listen for its events. Eventually, you end up in the InSession state. Start by defining these states: public enum GameState { SignIn, CreateSession, InSession} The SignIn state has already been discussed in the previous recipe. Let s start coding the CreateSession state.
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The RolesEdit and ProjectList forms implement methods to retrieve the central business object from Session, or to retrieve it from the database as necessary. This not only implements a type of cache to reduce load on the database, but it provides support for the browser s Back button as well. The same thing is done in ProjectEdit: Private Function GetProject() As Project Dim businessObject As Object = Session("currentObject") If businessObject Is Nothing OrElse _ Not TypeOf businessObject Is Project Then Try Dim idString As String = Request.QueryString("id") If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(idString) Then Dim id As New Guid(idString) businessObject = Project.GetProject(id)
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Figure 1-11. Business logic deployed with only the UI
Table 8-9. NumericUpDown Extender Properties Property Name
Tip To get an idea of what the space of the tower looks like, imagine yourself standing with your feet at
Table 20 2. The List of App Store Categories
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