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s In the code download for this book (available at www.apress.com), the PTracker and Security database Tip files are in the solution directory, not in the website s App_Data directory. This means that you can t use a local data portal from the website without first copying the database files into the App_Data directory and changing the connection strings accordingly.
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Communicating with Your Friends
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protected void LoadProperty<P>(PropertyInfo<P> propertyInfo, P newValue) { try { P oldValue = default(P); var fieldData = FieldManager.GetFieldData(propertyInfo); if (fieldData == null) { oldValue = propertyInfo.DefaultValue; fieldData = FieldManager.LoadFieldData<P>(propertyInfo, oldValue); } else { var fd = fieldData as FieldManager.IFieldData<P>; if (fd != null) oldValue = fd.Value; else oldValue = (P)fieldData.Value; } LoadPropertyValue<P>(propertyInfo, oldValue, newValue, false); } catch (Exception ex) { throw new PropertyLoadException( string.Format(Properties.Resources.PropertyLoadException, propertyInfo.Name, ex.Message)); } } The majority of this method is centered around retrieving the value from the field manager. It calls GetFieldData() to get the IFieldData object, and then it sets the oldValue field either to some default value or to the value retrieved from the field manager. All that work is in preparation for a call to LoadPropertyValue(), which does the real work. The complex LoadPropertyValue() method implements the flowchart shown earlier in Figure 7-2. You can look at the full code from the Source Code/Download area of the Apress website (www.apress.com). The key thing to recognize is that it ultimately calls the SetFieldData() method from the field manager: FieldManager.SetFieldData<P>(propertyInfo, newValue); Throughout the entire process, the input value is strongly typed, including during the call to the field manager and storage in the FieldData<T> object. You may be wondering, then, where that non-generic SetFieldData() overload is invoked. It is invoked from a non-generic overload of SetProperty() implemented in BusinessBase. protected void SetProperty(IPropertyInfo propertyInfo, object newValue) { FieldManager.SetFieldData(propertyInfo, newValue); } This overload of SetProperty() exists to support scenarios in which the business developer is loading the fields of the object from an external data source, such as an XML file or database. In that case, the developer might be looping through all the registered properties, loading the field data for each one, and would be unable to use a generic method in that case. Additionally, the input values
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Using an if Statement
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The Authorization Rules region implements the AddAuthorizationRules() method, establishing the roles authorized to read and write each property. For this object, the only restriction is that the Role property can only be changed by a ProjectManager: protected override void AddAuthorizationRules() { AuthorizationRules.AllowWrite( "Role", "ProjectManager"); } The CanReadProperty() and CanWriteProperty() method calls in all the properties automatically check any authorization settings established here.
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Test-Driven Development and Refactoring
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Before going any further, let s make sure we re in agreement that object models aren t the same as relational models. Relational models are primarily concerned with the efficient storage of data, so that replication is minimized. Relational modeling is governed by the rules of normalization, and almost all databases are designed to meet at least the third normal form. In this form, it s quite likely that the data for any given business concept or entity is split between multiple tables in the database in order to avoid any duplication of data. Object models, on the other hand, are primarily concerned with modeling behavior, not data. It s not the data that defines the object, but the role the object plays within your business domain.
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Trivial Objects
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Modifying the Schema Project Properties
Formal parameters are local variables that are declared in the method declaration s parameter list, rather than in the body of the method. The following method header shows the syntax of parameter declarations. It declares two formal parameters one of type int and the other of type float. public void PrintSum( int x, float y ) { ... Formal parameter declarations } Because formal parameters are variables, they have a data type and a name, and they can be written to and read from. Unlike a method s other local variables, the parameters are defined outside the method body and are initialized before the method starts, except for one type, called output parameters, which I ll cover shortly. The parameter list can have any number of formal parameter declarations, and the declarations must be separated by commas.
You can change a setting in the Store field, so each item starts on a new page in the printed report: 1. Right-click one of the Store labels in the pivot table, and then click Field Settings. 2. In the Field Settings dialog box, on the Layout & Print tab, add a check mark to Insert Page Break After Each Item. 3. Click OK, to close the dialog box.
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