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Figure 6-3. The Visual Studio Workflow Designer gets things started for us by adding one activity. The workflow template has already placed one activity on the Designer canvas for us. This activity is an instance of the onWorkflowActivated activity. The template has placed this activity because it is required that this activity be the first one in every SharePoint workflow since it is our gateway back to SharePoint.
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Unlike column level encryption, there is no storage overhead with tablespace compression. There is no need to pad the data out to any multiple of 16 bytes, since every database block is some multiple of a kilobyte already (by definition, a database block is already a multiple of 16 bytes). Additionally, since a database block is a fixed width data element (there is no such thing as a varying length database block), the fact that encryption would result in a fixed width output is not relevant either. Lastly, since each database block is a unique entity, the data on it is unique already, so the need to SALT the data does not exist; we need not add anything to the database block data in an attempt to make it unique to avoid issues with probing of the data, as we do with data at the column level. So, with tablespace encryption, if a full, unencrypted tablespace consumes 5GB on disk, the same data stored in an encrypted tablespace would utilize the same 5GB of storage. In the datafiles, the datafile header itself would be stored unencrypted (so the database can identify and access the file with or without the wallet), but every database block in it would be stored encrypted, inaccessible by anyone when the wallet is not open in the database instance.
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Protected Member Accessibility
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The dataPath attribute points to the property on the bound control that provides the data to which you are interested in binding. In this case, the property is selectedValue, which contains the value for the item that is currently selected. The property on the label you want to pass the bound data into is cssClass. If you look at the HTML for the select list, the reason for this will become apparent. Here s the HTML: <select id="selectStyle" class="input"> <option value="redLocal">Red</option> <option value="greenLocal">Green</option> <option value="blueLocal">Blue</option> </select> So, if the user selects Red, the property selectedValue will contain redLocal. This will then be bound to the label, so its cssClass property will become redLocal. On the page you specify the following CSS: <style> .redLocal{background-color:red;color:white;font-size:24pt;} .greenLocal{background-color:green;color:white;font-size:24pt;} .blueLocal{background-color:blue;color:white;font-size:24pt;} </style> Therefore, the binding will set the label to use the redLocal class in the CSS and thus have a red background. You can see this in Figure 5-7.
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Syntax of Anonymous Methods
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An array element is accessed using an integer value as an index into the array. Each dimension uses 0-based indexing. The index is placed between square brackets following the array name. reading barcode 128
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The triangle shown in the image corresponds to the triangle having texture coordinates as defined earlier. This is how your graphics card first maps the texture coordinates before sampling the color from the image: (-0.5f, 1.5f) (0, 1) (0.5f, -1.5f) (0.5f, 0) (1.5f, 1.5f) (1,1)
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Variables must be assigned to, before being used as actual parameters (except in the case of output parameters, which I will cover shortly). For reference types, the variable can be assigned either a reference or null. 3 covered value types, which, as you will remember, are types that contain their own data. Don t be confused that I m now talking about value parameters. They are entirely different. Remember that value parameters are parameters where the value of the actual parameter is copied to the formal parameter.
Figure 7-1. Parsing and optimizing process
There are nine annotations found in the package. They are as follows: BindingType RequestWrapper ResponseWrapper
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