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NOTE At the time of writing, little information is available about these changes, so my apologies for the lack of detail.
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If you find yourself struggling to extract a unique piece of information from a message (using the SoapContext class), and the message includes a Username Token security token, you can use a nonce-based token ID as a unique identifier. A nonce is simply a random cryptographic string that can be assigned as the ID value for the Username Token security token. When the service receives a request message, it can extract the nonce value from the security token and cache the value for the duration of the request message. These ID values are part of the message signature and cannot be spoofed. And because they are nonce values, it is highly unlikely that two request messages will coincidentally share the same ID values. However, this could happen if you choose to rely on the autogenerated ID value for the security token. Again, the burden remains on the service to cache information on incoming request messages. But if you need to take this approach, a nonce value is the simplest way to do so. Listing 7-5 shows how the client can assign a nonce value to a Username Token security token.
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t.log file for writing, which would zero out the length of that file and reset that file. So while loading the t.log file,
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You want to render 2D images to the screen to create a 2D game or as part of the user interface of a 3D game. You want an easy interface so you can specify the position on the screen where the image should be displayed.
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Note Static members exist even if there are no instances of the class. If a static field has an initializer, the field is initialized before the use of any of the class s static fields but not necessarily at the beginning of program execution.
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Parse Performance Issues
Keeping Only the Forward Component
Create a new VB Sequential Workflow Console Application called VBWhileSequentialExample. Open the Workflow.vb file and view the code. Add a private integer variable called IntCounter and assign 0 to the variable using the following code: Private IntCounter As Integer = 0 This not only creates the variable, but also initializes it to 0. Next, add a sub called WhileCondition that assigns the value of IntCounter to e.Result, then increments IntCounter: Public Sub WhileCondition(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ConditionalEventArgs) e.Result = IntCounter < 10 IntCounter = IntCounter + 1 End Sub This sub will be the condition for the While activity. The setup of this condition is the same as the condition for an IfElse activity. The preceding code first determines if the local variable IntCounter is less than 10, then also increments the variable by 1. Next, view the Workflow Designer and add a While activity to the workflow. Leave the name the same, but change the Condition property to be CodeCondition, and choose WhileCondition from the second Condition property drop-down box. This sets up the While activity to look at the WhileCondition. Finally, add a Code activity to the While activity. Leave the name the same, but generate handlers. Within the code handler, add a message box that displays the value of the local variable IntCounter: Private Sub codeActivity1_ExecuteCode(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) MsgBox(IntCounter) End Sub Add a breakpoint to the While activity and debug the workflow. You ll see the While activity is entered first, and then the Code activity. Once inside the loop, the Code activity is the only activity being executed. The Code activity displays the counter each time, until the counter is 10. Although the condition states less than 10, the counter is incremented after that test so the condition stops at 9. However, there s another increment after the condition is met, which displays 10 as the final number. The C# code is only slightly different from the VB code. Create a new C# Sequential Workflow Console Application called CWhileSequentialExample. View the code of the Workflow.cs file and add a new int variable called IntCounter that s initialized to 0: private int IntCounter=0; View the designer and drop a While activity onto the designer. Leave the name the same, but change the condition to a CodeCondition called WhileCondition. Remember, in C# if you enter the name of the condition within the properties, the template code is created for you. Add the assignment to e.Result and the increment, as follows:
logic to handle the error:
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