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{ // get the resource id ShowEditResource(dlg.ResourceId); } } The code for editing a project is virtually identical, but obviously uses ProjectSelect instead. This code displays the dialog using the ShowDialog() method and checks its result value. If the user clicks the OK button in the dialog, then the selected ResourceId value is retrieved from the dialog form and is passed to a ShowEditResource() method. ShowEditResource() checks to see if this resource is already visible in a user control, and if so, it makes that the active user control. Otherwise, the method takes care of retrieving the business object from the database and adding a new ResourceEdit user control to MainForm: public void ShowEditResource(int resourceId) { // see if this resource is already loaded foreach (Control ctl in Panel1.Controls) { if (ctl is ResourceEdit) { ResourceEdit part = (ResourceEdit)ctl; if (part.Resource.Id.Equals(resourceId)) { // resource already loaded so just // display the existing winpart ShowWinPart(part); return; } } } // the resource wasn't already loaded // so load it and display the new winpart using (StatusBusy busy = new StatusBusy("Loading resource...")) { try { AddWinPart(new ResourceEdit(Resource.GetResource(resourceId))); } catch (Csla.DataPortalException ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.BusinessException.ToString(), "Error loading", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation); } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.ToString(), "Error loading", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation); } } }
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public class MyTCEventArgs: EventArgs { public string Message; public MyTCEventArgs(string s) { Message = s; } }
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Number of Calculated Item Formulas Displayed Column Labels Number of Report Filters Length of a Text String Number of Value Fields
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The day of the month, 1 through 31 or 01 through 31.
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I was sitting in my office, a little on edge, looking at the situation: In my favor, I had these things: What I thought was a pretty good application idea A signed usage agreement from for their data and brand Complete flowcharts, architecture, and UI designs for the application Total personal investment to see this through to the end But theses were the problems: No programmer Complete panic Still, I wanted to design for this platform, so I needed to roll up my sleeves and learn Objective-C. It was definitely the steepest slope I have ever tried to climb. I enjoy a challenge, but most challenges push your talents and skills to their limits and beyond. This one required learning a whole new set of skills just to get in the door. Altogether, version 1.0 took me a month to get out the door. That may sound quick, but during that time, there was an abundant amount of frustration, endless Googling, extreme lack of sleep, a growing pile of delayed client work, and a wonderful wife who was growing more and more curious and irritated about what her husband seemed so intent on learning to do. A little later in the chapter, I ll point out some great techniques I learned to climb the steep learning curve, but first I d like to walk through my process from initial idea to submission to the App Store. Without a solid submission process, that month could have turned into three months, and Snow Reports might not have made it out the door.
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Now we get to the complex issues. Remember that SortedBindingList is an updatable view of the original collection. This means that when the user adds or removes an item from the original collection, that change is immediately reflected in the view; the view is even re-sorted, if appropriate. Conversely, if the user adds or removes an item from the view, that change is immediately reflected in the original collection. There s some work involved in keeping the view and collection in sync. Also remember that collections may raise ListChanged events as they are changed. Table 5-3 lists the add and remove operations and how they raise events. Table 5-3. Events Raised During Add and Remove Operations
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This step will add registration information to the web.config file for the standard WebServicesConfiguration and WebServicesExtension classes. Use the WSE 2.0 Configuration Settings Editor, or else manually add the required configuration settings.
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So, that s Space Hike, or at least how it turned out eventually after a few revisions. The original design document was a bit different, and just for fun, I ve put it on the Apress site (http:// along with the original coder art that I knocked out to get the game going; you can compare it with Adam s finished art that you can download with the source code to build the game. You can also grab the game itself from the App Store as a free app. I hope you have a lot of fun writing iPhone games. If you re having fun writing the game, that s a good indicator that someone s going to have fun playing it. Feel free to play with the Space Hike code and modify it as the basis for your own games. Or just use it as a learning project to see whether you can expand the game play with sound effects and maybe a bigger combat system rather than the simple try not to use too many resources combat in this version.
The Orchestration Designer provides a unique graphical interface for routing, evaluating, and manipulating incoming and outgoing messages. Orchestrations also provide a means by which you can communicate with web services, databases, and other corporate entities. BizTalk Server can become the central player in a corporate service-oriented architecture, which (in my opinion) is the true selling point of the application as a whole. Figure 1-6 shows a sample orchestration that we ll build in 10, which discusses orchestrations in detail.
Figure 2-5. Handling an event on an object causes a back reference to the form.
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The previous example showed that attempting to divide by zero causes an exception. You can modify the program to handle that exception by placing the code inside a try block and supplying a simple catch clause. When the exception is raised, it is caught and handled in the catch block. static void Main() { int x = 10; try { int y = 0; x /= y; } catch { ... // Code to handle the exception // Raises an exception
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