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There are two ways to store data on the client: through cookies and through isolated storage. The most direct method to save and access cookies is through the HtmlPage. Document class. HtmlPage.Document.Cookies = "name=value; expires=Monday, 1-Nov-2010 12:00:00 GMT"; I won t go into too much detail on working with cookies. Isolated storage, however, is much more interesting. It is a mechanism provided by Silverlight to cache data or store user-specific data on the client. The isolated storage support in Silverlight is based on the isolated storage support in .NET, so you
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Sophisticated event handling has long been a major weakness of web applications in general when compared to the rich and stateful desktop applications. The ASP.NET AJAX Client Library takes a major step in closing the gap (to some extent) from a functional standpoint between the event modeling in .NET Framework and client-side ASP.NET. Sys.UI.DomEvent provides a browser-agnostic model packed with useful properties and events that can be easily used with DOM elements. This comes in particularly handy considering the fact that browsers at times differ in their API and handling of DOM events. Table 4-17 lists the methods of the Sys.UI.DomEvent class.
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myInt = 50;
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The AddObjectAuthorizationRules() method is invoked by ObjectAuthorizationRules the first time an attempt is made to get the list of roles for a business object type. Because all these values are maintained in a static cache, multithreading issues must be managed, just as I discuss in 11 in regard to validation. Here s the GetRoles() method and the declaration of the static cache it uses: private static Dictionary<Type, RolesForType> _managers = new Dictionary<Type, RolesForType>(); internal static RolesForType GetRoles(Type objectType) { RolesForType result = null; if (!_managers.TryGetValue(objectType, out result)) { lock (_managers) {
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Summary of Parameter Types
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Define a new type.
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Table 9-10. Properties of the System.Windows.Media.Brush Class
Processing Large Result Sets
C_TS# C_USER# SMON_SCN_TO_TIME_AUX 37 rows selected.
The HyperlinkButton control introduces the capability to cause the browser to navigate to a specific web site when it is clicked. Table 3-14 describes the key properties provided by the HyperlinkButton class. Table 3-14. Key Properties of the System.Windows.Controls.HyperlinkButton Class
Note If you load your activity s class file in the visual designer, it will still look like Figure 5-1. This
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