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=, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, &=, >>=, <<=, ^= Operators
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Parent-Child Interaction
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Project Structure
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tablespace, and DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT left unset to permit Oracle to autotune the parameter. This demonstration shows why a higher value for the BCHR might not be better than a lower value, and why arbitrarily adjusting parameters to use available indexes might not improve performance. The 100 million rows created by the following script are inserted in a cyclic ascending sequence followed by a descending sequence with numbers between 0 and 10,000 (to simulate a data capture during a quality inspection of multiple engine cylinder walls, with 32 inspection points along the x coordinate axis for each cylinder wall). An index is then created on the table, followed by statistics collection on the table and its index without the generation of histograms. SQL> CREATE TABLE T1 ( 2 ID NUMBER, 3 DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(80)); SQL> INSERT INTO T1 2 SELECT 3 CEIL(ABS(SIN(ROWNUM/9.9999)*10000)), 4 "This is the long description for this number "|| TO_CHAR(CEIL(ABS(SIN(ROWNUM/9.9999)*10000))) 5 FROM 6 (SELECT 7 ROWNUM RN 8 FROM 9 DUAL 10 CONNECT BY 11 LEVEL<=10000), 12 (SELECT 13 ROWNUM RN 14 FROM 15 DUAL 16 CONNECT BY 17 LEVEL<=10000); SQL> COMMIT; SQL> CREATE INDEX IND_T1 ON T1(ID); SQL> EXEC DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS(OWNNAME=>USER,TABNAME=>"T1", CASCADE=>TRUE, METHOD_OPT=>"FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE 1") SQL> ANALYZE INDEX IND_T1 VALIDATE STRUCTURE; With the tablespace using ASSM AUTOALLOCATE extent management, the extents were allocated in sizes ranging from 64KB to 64MB, as indicated by the following: SQL> SELECT 2 SEGMENT_NAME SEGMENT, 3 COUNT(*) EXTENTS, 4 BYTES/1024 EXT_SIZE_KB, 5 (COUNT(*) * BYTES)/1048576 TOTAL_MB 6 FROM 7 DBA_EXTENTS
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Server-Side Host Objects
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Seeing an Example in Action
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Workflow Forms
For clarity, I have created a new Visual Studio .NET solution called WSStockTraderSecure2, which is identical in structure to the original WSStockTraderSecure solution. However, the code has been modified in both the client and the Web service to implement the new security requirements. Listing 6-12 shows the code for digitally signing the SOAP request message that is generated by the client. Listing 6-12. Digitally Sign a SOAP Request Message Using an X.509 Certificate
Note If you are using IIS 7, the XAP Silverlight package file type is already related to the application/xsilverlight-app MIME type. No additional steps are required.
I ve already discussed the drawbacks of putting business logic into the UI tier, but I haven t thoroughly discussed the drawback of keeping the data in a generic representation such as a DataSet object. The data in a DataSet (or an array or XML document) is unintelligent, unprotected, and generally unsafe. There s nothing to prevent anyone from putting invalid data into any of these containers, and there s nothing to ensure that the business logic behind one form in the application will interact with the data in the same way as the business logic behind another form. A DataSet or an XML document with an XSD (XML Schema Definition) might ensure that text cannot be entered where a number is required, or that a number cannot be entered where a date is required. At best, it might enforce some basic relational-integrity rules. However, there s no way to ensure that the values match other criteria, or that calculations or other processing is done properly against the data, without involving other objects. The data in a DataSet, array, or XML document isn t self-aware; it s not able to apply business rules or handle business manipulation or processing of the data. The data in a business object, however, is what I like to call smart data. The object not only contains the data, but also includes all the business logic that goes along with that data. Any attempt to work with the data must go through this business logic. In this arrangement, there is much greater assurance that business rules, manipulation, calculations, and other processing will be executed consistently everywhere in the application. In a sense, the data has become self-aware, and can protect itself against incorrect usage. In the end, an object doesn t care whether it s used by a Windows Forms UI, a batch-processing routine, or a web service. The code using the object can do as it pleases; the object itself will ensure that all business rules are obeyed at all times.
Listing 10-6. An Indigo Service Method Specifying Authorization Security Processing
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