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Declares a new class type, called Program. Any members declared between the matching curly braces on lines 6 and 11 are members that make up this class.
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Table 12-6. Results of Allowing or Denying roles
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The BindingSource controls are then re-bound to this new object: Me.ProjectBindingSource.DataSource = Nothing Me.ResourcesBindingSource.DataSource = Me.ProjectBindingSource Me.ProjectBindingSource.DataSource = mProject Again, binding to the Resources property is handled automatically, though you do need to explicitly unbind ResourcesBindingSource by setting its DataSource property to Me.ProjectBindingSource. With that done, the ApplyAuthorizationRules() method is called. The reason for this is that authorization rules for a new object could be different from an old object; and now that the object has been saved to the database, its status could have changed. Remember that the authorization rules are inside the object, not in the UI. The UI code should call ApplyAuthorization() rules any time an object might be expected to change its authorization rules. Before exiting the SaveProject() method, whether an exception occurred or not, the BindingSource controls have their event handling turned back on: Me.ProjectBindingSource.RaiseListChangedEvents = True Me.ResourcesBindingSource.RaiseListChangedEvents = True All business objects should be saved following this same basic flow. Also remember the discussion from the Roles object regarding how you can avoid calling Clone() if you know that the data portal will always be configured to use an application server.
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The first finally block to execute is the one paired with the last try block to execute. The finally block is a separate scope from the try block, so, for example, any variables declared in the try block aren t available in the finally block. Also, if you created any stack objects, their destructors would be called at the end of the try block and before the finally block executes. Don t try to use jump statements (e.g., continue, break, or goto) to move into or out of a finally block; it is not allowed. Also, you cannot use the return statement from inside a finally block. If allowed, these constructs would corrupt the stack.
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remotely, depending on the configuration). The server-side data portal then creates an instance of the business object itself, and calls the business object s DataPortal_Create() method so it can populate itself with default values. The resulting business object is then ultimately returned to the UI. Alternatively, the DataPortal_Create() method could request the default data values from a persistence object in another assembly, thus providing a clearer separation between the Business Logic and Data Access layers. In a physical n-tier configuration, remember that the Criteria object starts out on the client machine and is passed by value to the application server. The business object itself is created on the application server, where it s populated with default values. It s then passed back to the client machine by value. This architecture truly takes advantage of the mobile object concept.
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Figure 21-8. The syntax of the from . . . let . . . where clause
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Despite a popular misconception, an accelerometer is not a compass; it will not tell you which way is north or south. Rather, the accelerometer is a little device in the iPhone that measures gravitational forces at certain axes. The iPhone s accelerometer is a thee-axis accelerometer, which means it can read the gravitational forces on the x, y, and z axes (or pitch, yaw, and roll).
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Sort by Property Source
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Some of these events are part of the definition of System.Web.UI.Control. Some are defined by System.Web.UI.Page. Since the Page type inherits from the Control type, they re all exposed at the Page level. Whether these events are defined at the Control or Page level only starts to make a difference in the context of custom control development. Events defined by Control are available during control development. Events defined by the Page are only available during Web Form development. Even if you re not doing custom control development, this distinction can be important when you re using User Controls during Web Form development. Only events defined by the Control base class are available from the code-behind of your User Controls.
In this project, you are going to create a ControlTemplate for a Silverlight Button control. You are then going to create a few Silverlight Buttons and apply your new ControlTemplate to them to see how simple it is to reuse a ControlTemplate Resource. So, let s get started:
Note You can also use a reverse command to create a parameter file (PFILE) from an SPFILE. I ll explain
Class accessibility was covered earlier in the chapter. With class accessibility, there are only two modifiers internal and public. This section covers member accessibility. Class accessibility describes the visibility of a class; member accessibility describes the visibility of class members. Each member declared in a class is visible to various parts of the system, depending on the access modifier assigned to it in the class declaration. You ve seen that private members are visible only to other members of the same class, while public members can be visible to classes outside the assembly as well. In this section, we will look again at the public and private access levels, as well as the three other levels of accessibility. Before looking at the specifics of member accessibility, there are some general things we need to cover first: All members explicitly declared in a class s declaration are visible to each other, regardless of their accessibility specification. Inherited members are not explicitly declared in a class s declaration, so, as you shall see, inherited members might or might not be visible to members of a derived class. There are five member access levels: public private protected internal protected internal You must specify member access levels on a per-member basis. If you don t specify an access level for a member, its implicit access level is private. A member cannot be more accessible than its class. That is, if a class has an accessibility level limiting it to the assembly, individual members of the class cannot be seen outside the assembly, regardless of their access modifiers.
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