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Determine who goes first and draw tiles. Each player draws a tile and whoever has the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet goes first. Return the player number of the first player.
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// Finalizer: close the native file handle. !FileConverter() { fileNative->Close(); } };
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In this chapter, we have examined two of the fundamental building blocks of C# programming: classes and objects. We have seen how classes act as blueprints for the creation of objects and how those objects can be modified to reflect changes in state and used to perform actions and calculations. We also covered the three pillars of object orientation as they apply to classes and objects and learned how inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism can be used to create classes with less code that are easy to modify, extend, and maintain. We saw how object reference can be converted from one type to another using implicit and explicit casting and how this differs from the boxing and unboxing approach used for value types. In looking at how C# supports casting, we saw how the is and as operators can be used to avoid problems when downcasting to a more specialized type. Finally, we looked at the modifiers you can apply to classes to change their behavior, ranging from classes that cannot be derived to those that force derived classes to provide implementations of methods and other members before they can be used to instantiate objects. In the coming chapters, we ll look at the different types of members that a class (and therefore an object) can contain.
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// With a block if( x >= 20 ) { x = x 5; y = x + z; }
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All vectors and arrays are objects (class instances) derived from the abstract class [mscorlib]System.Array. Vector encoding is simple: E_T_SZARRAY followed by the encoding of the underlying type, which can be anything except void. The size of the vector is not part of the encoding. Since arrays and vectors are object references, it is not enough to simply declare an array you must create an instance of it, using the instruction newarr for a vector or calling an array constructor. It is at that point that the size of the vector or array instance is specified. Thus, the size of an array is an attribute of an instance of an array, not the type of the array. Array encoding is more sophisticated: E_T_ARRAY<underlying_type><rank><num_sizes><size1>...<sizeN> <num_lower_bounds><lower_bound1>...<lower_boundM> where the following is true: <underlying_type> cannot be void <rank> is the number of array dimensions (K>0) <num_sizes> is the number of specified sizes for dimensions (N <= K) <sizen> is an unsigned integer specifying the size (n = 1,...,N) <num_lower_bounds> is the number of specified lower bounds (M <= K) <lower_boundm> is a signed integer specifying the lower bound (m = 1,...,M) All the unsigned integer values among the previous are compressed according to the length compression formula discussed in 5. To save you a trip three chapters back, I will repeat this formula in Table 8-4. Table 8-4. The Length Compression Formula for Unsigned Integers
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Indirect storing instructions take a value and an address, in that order, from the stack and store the value at the location specified by the address. Since we are copying the memory (stack slot to specified location) without the need to interpret it, all we care about really is the size of the value to be stored. That s why the indirect storing instructions for integers don t have unsigned modifications. The address can be a managed or an unmanaged pointer. The type of the value to be stored is specified in the opcode. These instructions have no parameters.
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Listening to Free Internet Radio (Pandora)
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Bitwise Operations
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