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The RolesEdit authorization code is perhaps the simplest in the application. If the user isn t authorized to edit the Roles object, then the CommandField column in the GridView control shouldn t be shown; and if the user can t add a new role, then the LinkButton for adding a new object shouldn t be shown. When the page is loaded, an ApplyAuthorizationRules() method is called: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) ApplyAuthorizationRules(); else this.ErrorLabel.Text = ""; } private void ApplyAuthorizationRules() { this.GridView1.Columns[ this.GridView1.Columns.Count - 1].Visible = ProjectTracker.Library.Admin.Roles.CanEditObject(); this.AddRoleButton.Visible = ProjectTracker.Library.Admin.Roles.CanAddObject(); }
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ost libraries that wrap a native API also wrap native resources. In .NET terminology, a native resource can be defined as a native pointer or a handle that is obtained from a native operation and that requires another native operation for cleanup. As discussed in 10, a managed wrapper for a C++ class needs a field that points to the wrapped object. In this case, this field is a managed resource, because for resource cleanup, the native object must be deleted via this field. If you wrap a C-based library like the Win32 API, you usually have to define fields of handle types (e.g., handles for named pipes or for database connections) in your managed wrapper class. Since allocated handles require cleanup, too, they are also native resources. Ensuring that native resources are cleaned up in a reliable way is a task that is much more complicated than it seems at first. In this chapter, I will implement multiple versions of a managed library that wraps a simple native API. Since the Win32 and many other APIs are still C-based libraries, I will wrap a simple C API instead of a C++-based class library this time. The native API that is used for this purpose is shown in the following code. The code is commented so that you can easily compile it and follow the different steps. // XYZLib.cpp // build with "CL /LD /clr XYZLib.cpp" // + "MT /outputresource:XYZLib.dll;#2 /manifest: XYZLib.dll.manifest" #include <windows.h> #pragma comment(lib, "kernel32.lib") #include <iostream> using namespace std; typedef void* HXYZ; struct XYZConnectionState { /* data needed to manage an XYZConnection */ }; extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) HXYZ XYZConnect() { XYZConnectionState* pState = new XYZConnectionState();
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Delimited data, or data that is separated by some special character and perhaps enclosed in quotes, is the most popular data format for flat files today. On a mainframe, a fixed-length, fixed-format file would probably be the most recognized file format, but on Linux, UNIX, and Windows, delimited files are the norm. In this section, we will investigate the popular options used to load delimited data. The most popular format for delimited data is the comma-separated values (CSV) format. In this file format, each field of data is separated from the next by a comma. Text strings can be enclosed within quotes, thus allowing for the string itself to contain commas. If the string must contain a quotation mark as well, the convention is to double up the quotation mark (in the following code we use "" in place of just "). A typical control file to load delimited data will look much like our first example earlier, but the FIELDS TERMINATED BY clause would generally be specified like this: FIELDS TERMINATED BY "," OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY """ It specifies that a comma separates the data fields, and that each field might be enclosed in double quotes. If we were to modify the bottom of this control file to be FIELDS TERMINATED BY "," OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY """ (DEPTNO, DNAME, LOC ) BEGINDATA 10,Sales,"Virginia,USA" 20,Accounting,"Va, ""USA""" 30,Consulting,Virginia 40,Finance,Virginia when we run SQLLDR using this control file, the results will be as follows:
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Data Binding
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C H APTER 8 Networked Games: Choosing the Right Option . . . 215
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public class MyTimerClass { ... } class ClassA { public void TimerHandlerA(object source, EventArgs args) { Console.WriteLine("Class A handler called"); } }
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Figure 3-9. Storing data that is not part of another type
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Iterator Blocks
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Virtual Methods in Generic Types
8. Hold down Ctrl and click each image to select them all. 9. Drag the images onto the ListBox, and Blend should populate your ListBox as shown in
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