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Setting Up Your Environment
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Figure 10-16. Enabling paging for the GridView control
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How does the event get delivered to the handling object Well, it turns out that behind every event is a delegate a strongly typed reference that points back to the handling object. This means that any object that raises events can end up with bidirectional references between the object and the other object/entity that is handling those events, as shown in Figure 2-5. Even though this back reference isn t visible to developers, it s completely visible to the .NET serialization infrastructure. When serializing an object, the serialization mechanism will trace this reference and attempt to serialize any objects (including forms) that are handling the events! Obviously, this is rarely desirable. In fact, if the handling object is a form, this will fail outright with a runtime error, because forms aren t serializable.
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Figure 4-23. Our custom workflow is available in the list of workflows to start on our document.
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7.16. Refreshing When Two Tables Overlap
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CorrelationToken CorrelationToken\ OwnerActivityName MethodInvoking TaskId
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Visual State Manager (VSM)) allows you to define a set of states for your controls (e.g., normal, mouse over, mouse down) and then define a different look for each of these states. VSM will automatically animate the transitions between states; for example, if you have a black button with a mouse down state that highlights it blue, the button can gradually be highlighted blue as the user hovers the mouse. In WPF 4.0, the VisualStateManager and related classes are added to the main framework.
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ToString(String, RuleSeverity)
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How It Works
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During my experience with Oracle, I have become very engaged in the user community. I ve been a frequent visitor on the Oracle Technology Network forums and the Oracle-L list and have become a regular participant and contributor at user group conferences and other events. My experience started with seeking help and gradually shifted towards helping others with their issues. My growth in Oracle has correlated with the booming popularity of the Internet, over which it becomes very easy to both seek and give advice. While the Internet increases community participation, it also causes some dysfunction that can lower the quality of the information. Many times I have seen online discussions branch into controversial arguments in which the combatants are going by guesswork. It is surprising how few people will stop to test what really happens, and instead will battle endlessly over what might happen or what they believe ought to happen. While my contributions to the community have been usually rather technical, this chapter is more generic and rather motivational reading. My first attempt at a motivational contribution was creating BattleAgainstAnyGuess.com, or the BAAG Party for short, in June 2007. This is where the title of the chapter comes from. The trigger to establish the BAAG Party was coming across yet another quest for guess-based solutions on the Internet; and I wanted something generic to refer to every time I see such symptoms. Thus, I want to start this chapter by showing some examples of guess-provoking questions.
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