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The implementation of the Dispatcher type is simple and follows the functionality defined previously in this chapter. The methods Load and Unload load and unload the IResolver implementations that most likely will load and unload AppDomains. The CreateInstance method instantiates a type. What is different is that no Add and Remove methods add or remove IResolver implementations. The different IResolver implementations are managed by the linked list variable _resolvers, but there is no way to add or remove IResolver implementations. No Add or Remove methods are included because they aren t needed. Dispatcher is an abstract base class, and to instantiate the class, another class must subclass Dispatcher. The responsibility of the subclassed class is to add and remove IResolver implementations. A very simple example implementation could be as follows: public class DispatcherImpl : Dispatcher<Identifier> { public DispatcherImpl( string applicationName ) { _resolvers.AddLast( new ResolverStaticAssemblies( applicationName ) ); } public override void Initialize() { } public override void Destroy() { } } At first glance, it would appear the type DispatcherImpl is breaking multiple pattern rules by not using a factory to instantiate the type ResolverStaticAssemblies. Additionally, the ResolverStaticAssemblies instance is added to the _resolvers variables using hard-coded method calls. The reason the rules are violated is because the DispatcherImpl is deliberately a tightly knit implementation. In 3, I mentioned that sometimes overusing Generics makes code more complicated than less so. And often you are left with no choice but to write very specific code that uses specific instances. The type DispatcherImpl is one of those cases. It isn t possible to define a dispatcher without having to fix the scope of the implementation. Think of it this way: the dispatcher executes in the context of a single AppDomain. This means whenever an IResolver implementation is loaded into the current AppDomain, it isn t possible to unload the IResolver implementation. When using a Dispatcher implementation, which is defined by Generic parameters, the subclassed type must specify the Generic parameters. This means the subclassed type has to have domain-specific knowledge about the IResolver implementations. Remember, to instantiate a resolver that uses directories, the directories have to be specified when the IResolver implementation is being instantiated. Even if server callbacks are used, some code somewhere has to start the ball rolling and establish the basic rules. Therefore, a Dispatcher-derived type has to know things, and it makes no sense trying to be general. Of course, an argument can be made that the DispatcherImpl and IResolver implementations all execute in their own AppDomains so that a dynamic reload is possible. That is a solution, but it s also a complication, since the IResolver implementation will not be loaded very often. After all, the Client-Dispatcher-Server pattern is creating an infrastructure for dynamic reloading of objects. By adding the complication of more AppDomains and more dynamic capabilities, the Client-Dispatcher-Server pattern is being recursively embedded in itself a solution that is asking for trouble. Having said all this and made the case for breaking several pattern rules, I ll add you should break rules as infrequently as possible and only when necessary. And when you do break the rules, break them all in one spot so that it s easy to diagnose and fix problems. Also,
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MulticastLoopback ReceiveBufferSize
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The rest of the class overrides the methods in BindingList that control alteration of the collection. Each override checks the IsReadOnly property and throws an exception when an attempt is made to change the collection when it is in read-only mode. The only complicated overrides are ClearItems() and RemoveItem(). This is because AllowRemove is typically set to false and must be temporarily changed to true to allow the operation (when the collection is not in read-only mode). For instance, here s the ClearItems() method: protected override void ClearItems() { if (!IsReadOnly) { bool oldValue = AllowRemove; AllowRemove = true; base.ClearItems(); AllowRemove = oldValue; } else throw new NotSupportedException(Resources.ClearInvalidException); } The original AllowRemove value is restored after the operation is complete. This completes all the types in the Csla.Core namespace. The rest of the implementation is available in the code download for the book. Let s move on and discuss the types in the Csla. Validation namespace.
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PresentationParameters pp = device.PresentationParameters; int width = pp.BackBufferWidth; int height = pp.BackBufferHeight; renderTarget = new RenderTarget2D(device, width, height, 1, device.DisplayMode.Format);
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Kudos goes to Daniel Labriet of DanLabGames for starting me on the following method of handling the data that s a lot more straightforward and much easier to mess with in the context of a game. You set up the basic dictionary and register it for the user defaults like so:
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Creating a Second Game Conclusion Tools/techniques: Photoshop iPhone Simulator Design documents
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Press F5 to run the application and accept the option to modify web.config to Allow Debugging. The home page will open with all the links on it. Click the link labelled Example 1 Hello MVC. You should be taken to a page with the message Hello and welcome to MVC! (see Figure 13-3).
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To reduce the amount of data being searched, other permutations might be reasonable as well in order to decrease the size of the index structure being scanned. This is ignoring the fact that a B*Tree index on such low cardinality data is not a good idea. Here is where the bitmap index comes into play. With three small bitmap indexes, one on each of the individual columns, you will be able to satisfy all of the previous predicates efficiently. Oracle will simply use the functions AND, OR, and NOT, with the bitmaps of the three indexes together, to find the solution set for any predicate that references any set of these three columns. It will take the resulting merged bitmap, convert the 1s into rowids if necessary, and access the data (if you are just counting rows that match the criteria, Oracle will just count the 1 bits). Let s take a look at an example. First, we ll generate test data that matches our specified distinct cardinalities, index it, and gather statistics. We ll make use of the DBMS_RANDOM package to generate random data fitting our distribution: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table t 2 ( gender not null, 3 location not null, 4 age_group not null, 5 data 6 ) 7 as 8 select decode( ceil(dbms_random.value(1,2)), 9 1, "M", 10 2, "F" ) gender, 11 ceil(dbms_random.value(1,50)) location, 12 decode( ceil(dbms_random.value(1,5)), 13 1,"18 and under", 14 2,"19-25",
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In this chapter, you learned that you can use Silverlight 4 to build applications that can run Out-OfBrowser. You also learned that if you run the application with Elevated Trust you can do quite a bit more with your applications, such as access local user files, access the Clipboard, and more. You also learned how to make a default OOB application that can be used to create more new OOB applications. You then used that application to make an OOB application that used the COM API to launch Microsoft Word and populate it with a new document and text from the application s TextBox.
Introducing the DataColumn Control
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