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class Employee { public string LastName; public string FirstName; public string CityOfBirth; public string this[int index] { set { switch (index) { case 0: LastName = value; break; case 1: FirstName = value; break; case 2: CityOfBirth = value; break;
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Note that I didn t include Update_Input here. I could have, but it s not necessary. The actual Update_Input function relies heavily on variables found only inside EAGLView.m. And it s also called there, so it doesn t need to be seen outside.
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InterfaceImpl; RID Type: 09; Token Type: 0x09000000; MD Streams: #~, #-
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If a property is not readable, Authorizer changes the UI control s Visibility to be Hidden or Collapsed. An attached property defined by Authorizer called NotVisibleModeProperty is used to choose which option should be used for each UI control. private static readonly DependencyProperty NotVisibleModeProperty = DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached( "NotVisibleMode", typeof(VisibilityMode), typeof(Authorizer), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(VisibilityMode.Collapsed), new ValidateValueCallback(IsValidVisibilityMode)); The SetRead() method determines whether the user is authorized to read a property, and it alters the bound control s Visibility accordingly. private void SetRead(Binding bnd, UIElement ctl, IAuthorizeReadWrite source) { bool canRead = source.CanReadProperty(bnd.Path.Path); VisibilityMode visibilityMode = GetNotVisibleMode(ctl); if (canRead) switch (visibilityMode) { case VisibilityMode.Collapsed: if (ctl.Visibility == Visibility.Collapsed) ctl.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; break; case VisibilityMode.Hidden: if (ctl.Visibility == Visibility.Hidden) ctl.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; break; default: break; } else switch (visibilityMode) { case VisibilityMode.Collapsed: ctl.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed; break; case VisibilityMode.Hidden: ctl.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; break; default: break; } } The Visibility property is set back to Visible if the user is authorized to read the value.
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Now that you know the normal vector, defined in world coordinates, for each pixel, you could add correct lighting to your water. However, to make things a bit more realistic, you re going to add reflection to the water first. Because the reflective color will be sampled from the skybox, you ll need a direction to sample the skybox from (see recipe 2-8). You can find this direction by mirroring the eye vector, which is the vector coming from the camera going toward the pixel, over the normal vector, as shown in Figure 5-34.
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Figure 3-22. Single explosion particle At the start of the explosion, all of these particles are at the origin of the explosion, which will result in a bright fireball because the colors of all images are added together. You will obtain this using additive blending when rendering the particles. As time goes by, the particles should move away from the origin. Additionally, you ll want each of the particle images to get smaller and lose their color (fade away) while they re moving away from the center. A nice 3D explosion can take between 50 and 100 particles. Because these images are simple 2D images displayed in a 3D world, each of these images needs to be billboarded, so this recipe will build on the results of recipe 3-11. You ll be building a real shader-based particle system. Each frame, the age of each particle is calculated. Its position, color, and size are calculated depending on the current age of the particle. Of course, you ll want all of these calculations to happen on the GPU so your CPU remains available for more important calculations.
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Most music is handled through the Music app the icon is on the Home screen, usually in the bottom dock of icons, the first one on the left.
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You may have several VPN networks to which you need to connect. You can select between different VPN configurations on your iPod touch. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tap the Settings icon. Tap General. Tap Network. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap VPN. On the VPN screen, tap a different VPN configuration to connect to it. Don t tap the blue circle with the > symbol, unless you want to change the login settings for that network.
Summary of Member Access Modifiers
Life as an iPhone Developer: TanZen Category: Games-Puzzle Toolset: Xcode and Photoshop
Figure 3-16. Running the JavaScript web service consumer
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