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Building and Deploying the Pipeline Project
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Silverlight 2 provides effective media management, supporting secured multimedia streaming. Adaptive media streaming helps to improve synchronization of media by automatically adjusting bit rates based on the network bandwidth. Digital rights management (DRM) for media streaming enables protected distribution of digital media.
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queue.PollInterval = 500; // in milliseconds queue.StartReceiving(); // start polling } catch (WebException ex) { throw new WebException( string.Format( "---{0}:_Initialization, Windows Azure failed to instatiate storage using current account information. Exception caught : {1}", this.ToString(), ex.Message ) ); } _initialized = true; } } After the call to _Initialization(), both the blob storage and blob container have been instantiated, and a blob record can be created using the instance of the blob container. Listing 3-10 shows the code to create a blob storage record. In this exercise, the name of the blob storage is created at the time a queue message has been received. The blob name is assigned when a blob is created. How to construct a blob s name is flexible as long as the name meets the specification, except it must be unique. The specification for the blob name convention is listed in Appendix A. It is not recommended to include the Azure user account in the name string, because the account name could be changed via a configuration file when the application is deployed to the Azure cloud. Azure offers a service called Service Bus, which uses the end point to address a cloud component. To adapt blob storage to Azure .NET Service Bus, it is recommended that the blob name should be elaborately constructed. The following are the recommendations how to construct the blob name based upon my experience using other commercial information message buses. This makes it a lot easier not only for a cloud application but also for any REST API using the Azure .NET Service Bus to address cloud blob storage. Use the .NET name space convention to compose the blob name. Compose the blob name in a virtual hierarchy based upon the logical or relational structure of blob storages, although Azure blob storage in the cloud storage platform is not physically hierarchical.
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Listing 6-22. Includes and Variables in UnixTime.c
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Labeled Statements
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Workflow Scenarios
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Another critical feature in SQL Server 2005 is the capability to store XML documents and fragments as a native type. In other words, XML joins the other common SQL Server types like int, varchar, money, etc. At first glance, this may seem like a minor upgrade. However, this fundamental feature provides an exceptional level of database engine integration and, in the process, opens a new world of possibilities by leveraging the best of the relational and XML data models.
The UI-in-charge approach uses .NET s ability to pass objects by value, but requires the UI developer to know about and interact with the application server. The object-in-charge approach enables a very simple set of UI code, but makes the object code prohibitively complex by making it virtually impossible to pass the objects by value. The class-in-charge option provides a good compromise by providing reasonably simple UI code that s unaware of application servers, while also allowing the use of .NET s ability to pass objects by value, thus reducing the amount of plumbing code needed in each object. Hiding more information from the UI helps create a more abstract and loosely coupled implementation, thus providing better flexibility.
The standard query operators comprise a set of methods called an application programming interface (API) that lets you query any .NET array or collection. Important characteristics of the standard query operators are the following: The collection objects queried are called sequences, and must implement the IEnumerable<T> interface, where T is a type. The standard query operators use method syntax. Some operators return IEnumerable objects (or other sequences), while others return scalars. Operators that return scalars execute their queries immediately and return a value instead of an enumerable object to be iterated over later. For example, the following code shows the use of operators Sum and Count, which return ints. Notice the following about the code: The operators are used as methods directly on the sequence objects, which in this case is array numbers. The return type is not an IEnumerable object, but an int. class Program { static int[] numbers = new int[] {2, 4, 6}; static void Main( ) { int total = numbers.Sum(); int howMany = numbers.Count(); Scalar Sequence Operator object Console.WriteLine("Total: {0}, Count: {1}", total, howMany); } } This code produces the following output:
The UI Control
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