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The second potential pitfall is that C# doesn t automatically resize numeric types to accommodate the results of arithmetic operations, meaning that you can easily create results that cannot be stored in the numeric type. For example, if you add two int values together, the default type of the result is also an int. Listing 5-15 demonstrates this problem. Listing 5-15. Causing Overflow with Arithmetic Operations using System; class Listing 15 { static void Main(string[] args) { // define two large 32-bit ints int x = int.MaxValue; int y = int.MaxValue; // add them together and report on the result type Type t = (x + y).GetType(); Console.WriteLine("Default result type: {0}", t); // add them together and assign the result to another int int result = x + y; Console.WriteLine("Int result: {0}", result); // cast them to long values long lresult = (long)x + (long)y; Console.WriteLine("Long result: {0}", lresult); try { // add the int values together, but do so // in a checked block checked { int ofres = x + y; Console.WriteLine("Overflow result: {0}", ofres); } } catch (OverflowException ex) { Console.WriteLine("Caught exception of type: {0}", ex.GetType()); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Compiling and running the code in Listing 5-15 produces the following results: Default result type: System.Int32 Int result: -2
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The IsChecked property should be bound to the Active field of our User object. See Figure 15-24.
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public: // PlayerMove implements a player making a play. // Return true if the game is over. bool PlayerMove() { bool gameOver = false; bool moveComplete = false;
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Figure 6-4. The ResourceAssignments collection and the ResourceAssignment child object
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value class V : ValueType, IA { }; ref class B : IB, Base { }; read datamatrix
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In that fashion, we ll be able to tell if the bad records in the bad file were generated by us just recently or if they were left over from some older version of the file itself and are not meaningful.
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but both DLLs are dynamically loaded at runtime No load-time dependency to
The Svcutil.exe tool has many options, but the following example demonstrates a simple, common usage: svcutil.exe http://localhost:13101/MathService /config:app.config In this case, the Svcutil.exe tool generates a configuration file with all the appropriate address and binding settings. It also generates a client-side service contract type and a proxy class, as we show here: [ServiceContract()] public interface IMathService { [OperationContract( ... )] int Add([MessageBody(...)] int n1, [([MessageBody(...)]int n2); [OperationContract( ... )] int Subtract([MessageBody(...)] int n1, [([MessageBody(...)]int n2); } public partial class MathServiceProxy : ProxyBase<IMathService>, IMathService { public MathServiceProxy() {} public MathServiceProxy(string configurationName) : base(configurationName) {} public MathServiceProxy(System.ServiceModel.Binding binding) : base(binding){} public MathServiceProxy(EndpointAddress address, Binding binding) : base(address, binding) {} public int Add(int n1, int n2) { return base.InnerProxy.Add(n1, n2); } public int Subtract(int n1, int n2) { return base.InnerProxy.Subtract(n1, n2); } } Now that the proxy, contract, and configuration are complete, the client code can simply use the proxy to call operations on the service. We demonstrate this here:
Creating a Photobooth Application with the Silverlight 4 Webcam API
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