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Caution Field names in the InfoPath forms and the ExtendedProperties object are case-sensitive.
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panel and check the IsHitTestVisible property in the Common Properties bucket. This will allow the DialogBox to be clicked once again.
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ust when is the right time to release software to the masses With Mustang, the masses have had access since February 2005. With roughly weekly releases since then, one was able to monitor the progress of both the API development and the completion of the new feature sets for what would become known as Java SE 6.
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Exception Handling Keywords
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Deployment Options
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Business Functionality
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Listing 3-2. WSDL for the RequestQuote Input and Output Messages
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site identifier. It and ORACLE_HOME (where the Oracle software is installed) are hashed together in UNIX to create a unique key name for creating or attaching a Shared Global Area (SGA) memory region. If your ORACLE_SID or ORACLE_HOME is not set correctly, you ll get the ORACLE NOT AVAILABLE error, since you can t attach to a shared memory segment that is identified by this unique key. On Windows, shared memory isn t used in the same fashion as on UNIX, but the SID is still important. You can have more than one database under the same ORACLE_HOME, so you need a way to uniquely identify the instance associated with each one, along with their configuration files.
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Assuming that you have built a message-oriented Web service according to the best patterns and practices (as discussed in the following chapters), you can generate a WSDL document by browsing the .asmx file of your Web service, and then clicking the Service Description link in the default client page. This link simply appends WSDL to the URL of the .asmx file. Figure 2-2 shows the default client page for the StockTraderService Web service and the corresponding Service Description link.
Figure 2-8. What a Button looks like when using the ControlTemplate The bad news about this approach is also the good news: the Button s visual implementation is completely overridden, so if you try to click it, nothing will happen visually. Using a control template, though, provides a way to create any visual representation you want for when the mouse hovers over the button and when the mouse clicks the button. The button is still a button it can just look drastically different from the default Silverlight button through the control template mechanism, which will be covered in 8.
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