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CHAPTER 5: TanZen and Zentomino
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properties can be used for routing, correlation, and tracking messages based on the indicated (or promoted) property. A distinguished field value can still be accessed from within an orchestration, and if your integration application requires only that functionality, you ll want to choose distinguished fields over promoted properties, as they are less taxing to system resources.
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In the pivot table, there s no way to group by both weeks and months. You could create a column in the source data, and then calculate one of the grouping levels there. Then, you could add that field to the pivot table. For example, add a column in the source data, with the heading WeekNum, and use the following formula to calculate the week number: =WEEKNUM(A2). With the OrderDate field in the Row Labels area, group the dates by years and months. In the Row Labels area, add the WeekNum field below the OrderDate field, to summarize the data by month and week number (see Figure 5-10).
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5. Figure 17-9. Silverlight application life cycle The Startup event handler is the place to specify the UIElement-based class that provides the main user interface. This is generally a UserControl-based class, such as that generated by default and reflected in setting RootVisual to a new instance of this class (Page). The Exit event handler has no implementation, but the method body is there for you to put any code you want executed when the user exits the Silverlight application (generally by closing the browser or navigating to a different page). The Application class also provides two useful properties. The Current property is static and returns the one (and only) instance of the Application implementation, making it easy to reference applicationlevel resources from the code-behind. The other property is Host, of type SilverlightHost; it returns a reference to the environment hosting the Silverlight plug-in. If you do not include an Application-based class, the compiled assembly can be used as a library, either packaged as part of a XAP file containing a Silverlight application or downloaded on demand and loaded via reflection. You can also store other resources, such as data files and media files, outside this XAP file.
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RID: TypeDef RID: Property
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// Array type: 3-D array of int // Array type: 2-D array of int // Array type: 3-D array of long
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For embedded development, the advantages of the .NET Micro Framework can be summarized as follows: Lower development costs than other embedded platforms Faster time to market than other embedded platforms Lower hardware costs than other managed platforms Smaller hardware size than other managed platforms Lower power consumption than other managed platforms
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Figure 3-4. My original coder art and the considerably less eye-damaging final art for Space Hike.
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.entrypoint ... newobj instance void C::.ctor() // Create instance of derived class castclass class A // Cast it to "grandparent" dup dup // We need 3 instance pointers // On stack for 3 calls
The class should not be instantiated in a context that has synchronization. It is irrelevant to the class whether the context has synchronization. The class should be instantiated in a context that has synchronization. The class should be instantiated in a context with a new instance of the Synchronization property.
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