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#import #import #import #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> <OpenGLES/EAGL.h> <OpenGLES/ES1/gl.h> <OpenGLES/ES1/glext.h>
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Having automatic retrieval is very handy if you just want to turn on your iPod touch and see that you have messages; otherwise, you need to remember to check.
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Figure 3-21. Hide items after you create a Calculated Item.
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Please understand that this is not a slight on those other applications. I love OneNote it s probably my most-used Office application. I use Project frequently, and Visio, Publisher, and the SharePoint Designer are all great at what they do. However, none of these others gets the new UI in this release. Personally, I can see why and it makes sense to me these applications fall into one or more of several exception categories: They are not part of what most people use in Office. They are more specialized in their focus than the rest of Office. They are not document-centric (document in a generic sense of a cohesive file that is easily portable and shared among multiple users). They are focused on developers. Having the two UIs presents a problem in a workflow scenario, however. As mentioned earlier, some of the new constructs in the Office UI are intended to inform users of workflow information, for example, the tasks assigned to them. This works beautifully if the document they are working with sports the new UI. But what if it doesn t Presumably, this is only a significant problem in Publisher, Project, and Visio as the rest of the others are not so file-centric. However, from a workflow point of view, there are two very different experiences: If the user opens a Word document in Word 2007, they will be informed of their workflow tasks. The new UI will inform them of the task and support them in managing and completing that task. If the document they open, however, is a Project plan, or a Visio or Publisher file, they will receive no indication in the client itself that they have to review and approve that document even if they open the file in the 2007 version of the program. Workflow builders and administrators will need to keep this fact in mind and must be sure to support these other file types as special cases should the need arise in their environment. Presumably, a future release of Office will at least partially remedy this situation.
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The WebServicesClientProtocol class provides access to the SoapContext class for both request and response messages, via the proxy class. Listing 5-5 shows an example of a Web client that is digitally signing a SOAP request message before sending it out to a service. The listing shows how you reference the SoapContext and then use it to assign the digital signature to the SOAP request message.
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Azure Storage
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Native Image Generator (NGen)
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design, and building software. One of my favorite books when learning web design was Defensive Design for the Web, written by them about five years ago. Basecamp, their flagship application, has been acclaimed by publications like Newsweek for its simplicity and usability. Basecamp is a simple project management application built specifically to ease collaboration. Its primary features revolve around creating and sharing messages, milestones, to-do lists, and files. Users can leave comments throughout the application. Additionally, Basecamp can help manage time tracking, copy writing, and online discussions. Creating a Basecamp iPhone application seemed perfect, and my only fear was that 37signals already had similar plans underway. I remember being nervous the first time I e-mailed Jason Fried, founder of 37signals and the one I saw speak at SEED. I asked if he was planning an application and, if not, if he would mind me making one. I also ran the name Outpost by him. He wrote me back fairly soon, saying he heard a few were in the works, but they had no immediate plans to do one. He concluded, We d love to see you put one together. That was all the goahead I needed. I wanted the application to be fairly comprehensive. This wasn t entirely possible due to limitations of the API offered by Basecamp, but there was still a lot of information to show. We needed to incorporate the ability to add, edit, view, and delete things like messages, to-do lists, and milestones. I was also very concerned with giving users dashboard screens, which Basecamp provided as a means to traverse specific types of data across all projects. I was less concerned with allowing comments and was unsure if this feature would make it into the application. Similarly, I was not very concerned at all with features like time tracking (typically offered on higher-level Basecamp plans). At first, I had hoped to create the application on my own. Three books on Objective-C and two very long days later, I quickly realized I was spinning my wheels. One of the biggest lessons I took away from SEED was to not get in your own way. I wanted to make this application quickly, and I realized my primary interest was planning and designing an iPhone application, not necessarily programming it. I took two days off of work from my day job and started making calls. My basic approach was simple: I Googled, texted, and searched jobs sites. In those two days, I talked with developers in India, the Czech Republic, Kentucky, California, and Canada. Ultimately, it was Jim Dovey, in Toronto, who expressed the most enthusiasm for the project and was willing to work in a relaxed, equity-based environment. I offered him a small advance to help him clear time for the application, and he declined it, telling me to save it for the lawyers when we formed the company and trademarked the name. Thankfully, I listened.
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Max Reuse
Figure 34-26. Changing the name and visibility of columns
Figure 14-12. Creating a two-dimensional jagged array
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