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DrawSpriteAt(spritenum, x,y) DrawSpriteScaledAt(spritenum,x,y,sx,sy)
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Once you have created an XmlSerializer object, you can call the Serialize method, passing in the Stream you want the XML written to and the object to serialize. Here is the content of the file created by compiling and running Listing 23-13: < xml version="1.0" > <Person xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""> <Name>Adam Freeman</Name> <City>London</City> </Person> The process for deserializing is very similar, except that you call the Deserialize method, passing the Stream from which the serialized data is to be read. Here is an example: // open a stream so we can read the file Stream inputStream = File.OpenRead("person.xml"); // create an XmlSerializer object XmlSerializer deserializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(Person)); // deserialize the object from the stream Person myDeserializedPerson = (Person)deserializer.Deserialize(inputStream); // print out details from the deserialized person object Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}", myDeserializedPerson.Name); Console.WriteLine("City: {0}", myDeserializedPerson.City);
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Like many people, your desk or wall is probably filled with little yellow sticky notes reminders concerning everything imaginable. Even with our computers, we still tend to write ourselves little notes. One of the great things about the iPod touch is that you can write your notes on familiar yellow notepaper, and then keep them neatly organized and
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Deletes the file. Returns a DirectoryInfo representing the directory that contains this file. Returns the full path of the parent directory. Encrypts or decrypts the file using the standard windows disk encryption. Returns true if the file exists or false if it does not exist or is a directory. Returns the extension part of the filename, including the period. The fully qualified path of the file. Gets or sets the read-only status of the file. Returns the time that the file was last accessed. Returns the time that the file was last modified. Returns the length of the file in bytes as a long value. Moves the file to the destination specified by the string parameter. Returns the name of the file. Returns the path specified by the constructor parameter. Rereads the information about the file from the file system. This is useful if you suspect another program may have modified the file. Replaces the file named in the first parameter with the contents of current file and backs up the original file to the destination specified by the second parameter.
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Media Player\WMPSideShowGadget.exe NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe Photo Viewer\ImagingDevices.exe Sidebar\sidebar.exe
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Provides read-only information for a resource Gets a read-only list of roles Maintains a list of roles in the system Adds and edits a valid role
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Name/Value List Objects
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Follow these steps to group the dates and create a line for each year: 1. In the pivot table, right-click a cell in the date field, and then in the context menu, click Group. 2. In the Grouping dialog box, select Years and Months, and then click OK. 3. In the PivotTable Field List, move the Years field to the Column Labels area. 4. Activate the pivot chart, where the years will each be represented by separate lines.
So, when viewing another location for example, the Kennedy Space Center that you can see in Figure 10-10 if you click the GoHome button and invoke the PanTo method as specified earlier, you will be taken directly to the specified coordinates, in this case the coordinates near Seattle, as shown in Figure 10-11.
Console.WriteLine("Object type : {0}", t.Name); FieldInfo[] fi = t.GetFields(); // Get the field info. foreach (var f in fi) Console.WriteLine(" Field : {0}", f.Name); Console.WriteLine(); } } }
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