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Global.asax.cs and CreateSessionVars.aspx.
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Silverlight 3.0 has a number of other minor tweaks and enhancements.
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#ifndef __GAME_H__ #define __GAME_H__ typedef struct { float x, y; } Vector2D; extern Vector2D TouchPos; extern Vector2D Orientation; int int int int TouchChanged(); TouchIsDown(); TouchIsUp(); Touching();
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Using the Windows Event Log
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IEnumerable string
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Although types int, double, and char are defined by C#, classes such as Dealer and Player, as you can probably guess, are not defined by the language. If you want to use them in a program, you will have to define them yourself. You do this by writing a class declaration. A class declaration defines the characteristics and members of a new class. It does not create an instance of the class, but creates the template from which class instances will be created. The class declaration provides the following: The class name The members of the class The characteristics of the class The following is an example of the minimum syntax for a class declaration. The curly braces contain the member declarations that make up the class body. Class members can be declared in any order inside the class body. This means that it is perfectly fine for the declaration of a member to refer to another member that is not yet defined until further down in the class declaration. Keyword Class name class MyExcellentClass { MemberDeclarations } For example, the following code shows the outlines of two class declarations: class Dealer { ... } class Player { ... } // Class declaration
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Having illustrated the different patterns, the question is which pattern should be applied to solve the problem of implementing a dynamic selection of the language used for translation. When confronted with a problem, you follow these steps: 1. Define the problem to be solved and consider what the important attributes are. 2. Pick the patterns that you think apply. 3. From the selected patterns, define the distinguishing attributes. This means pick out the attributes of the patterns that separate them from the other selected patterns. 4. Then take those attributes and compare them to the attributes you need to solve the problem. Having defined the problem and the patterns, let s start figuring out which pattern could be used and why. First, let s eliminate the patterns that don t apply and I ll explain why. Note that the explanation of why a pattern doesn t apply is as important as explaining why a pattern does apply. When a pattern isn t used, there should be a clear reason why not. Command pattern: Doesn t apply because the Command pattern is generally used for executing a number of steps after they have already been completed. The caller gives the state, and thus this single aspect negates the use of this pattern. Composite pattern: Doesn t apply because there is no hierarchical storage of objects. The requirement is to perform a single translation of a single phrase that is given by the request. Decorator pattern: Doesn t apply because the text isn t translated multiple times. The text is translated using a single language. The only exception is if concurrent translations were to be executed. For example, if you want to convert a text into five different languages at once for every request, then a Decorator pattern might be useful, as the list of languages could represent the five different languages. Three patterns were removed as being obviously incorrect, but the three left over are potential solutions. From the three, two are close solutions, but not close enough, as I explain here:
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Figure 9-2. Setting the layout for controls using the glitzy layout behavior
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Figure 3-3. Adding a new script to your application
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