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Like many pattern authors, I cringe at persistence. There are plenty of pattern books, but so few on data access. The problem with data access and persistence is that it s a never-changing debate hence why I was apprehensive of covering it in the first place. Frankly, I thought, What can of worms are you getting yourself into, Christian Something interesting happened when I wrote this chapter. It turned out that persistence in .NET is frighteningly easy. I always thought one of the biggest benefits of a managed environment was its ability to garbage collect your objects. But it turns out that there is another huge benefit, and that is persistence. When I used to code in C and C++, persistence was an absolute pain in the butt, and any change in my application caused my program to come to a grinding halt. With a managed runtime, saving information is easy. When I needed to write the materials that make it simpler to persist data into a relational database, I kept getting visions of complex frameworks that nobody understands or wants. So while looking on the Internet, I visited the web site for Hibernate, which I heard of through my experience with Java. I was skeptical of O/R mapping because, well, my encounters with object relational mapping and object databases were extremely discouraging. And again, I was pleasantly surprised. Hibernate is extremely popular in the Java world, and I came to understand why while using NHibernate. So the moral and focus of this chapter is that you should never ever need to write a lowlevel routine to persist an object. There is no need to read an individual line of text, nor is there a need to manually parse XML, nor is there a need to use ADO.NET directly. The functionality offered by the .NET base classes and NHibernate take care of the lower-level details, making it possible for you to only think in terms of objects. This chapter did not go into a large amount of detail because doing so would have required writing another book entitled Persistence in .NET. Persistence is an entire subject unto its own. Here I attempted to explain the basics of what you should be doing and how you should be doing it when it comes to persistence. Finally, if you re skeptical, don t be. I was wowed and am convinced. I find it odd how sometimes previous convictions can become wrong after being forced to confront one s fears.
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The MyTimerClass Code
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Creating the Project
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for the selected item.
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n this chapter, I ll continue tweaking the simple sample; maybe I can make it better. There are two aspects of better I will discuss in this chapter: first, reducing code size and, second, protecting the code from unpleasant surprises. I ll start with the code size.
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Click the Display a Message button to display a message on your iPod touch and play a loud sound for up to two minutes or until the screen is tapped.
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Figure 16-32. Click the ShopForMovies Screen.
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Formal Parameters
method with five parameters, then I would have used the Action<T1, T2, T3, T4, T5> type and filled in the type parameters of the Action type to match the parameter types of the delegated method.
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