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Application services must explicitly opt in, detailing the scope of the cross-domain service access by a Silverlight application from all or specific domains by publishing policy files.
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A UI framework often uses these status values to enable or disable various UI elements to give the user cues about what actions are possible at any point in time. As you ll see in 10, the CslaDataProvider automatically handles these details in a WPF interface.
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Adding Code to Our Activities
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Constraints on User-Defined Conversions
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If we compile and run the sample, we ll receive this output: A:Foo B:Bar A:Baz The method A::Foo is nonvirtual; hence, declaring B::Foo does not affect A::Foo in any way. So when we cast B to A and call A::Foo, B::Foo does not enter the picture it s a different method. The A::Bar method is virtual, as is B::Bar, so when we create an instance of B, B::Bar replaces A::Bar in the v-table. Casting B to A after that does not change anything: B::Bar is sitting in the v-table of the class instance, and A::Bar is gone. Hence, when we call A::Bar using virtual dispatch, the usurper B::Bar is called instead. Both the A::Baz and B::Baz methods are virtual, but B::Baz is marked newslot. Thus, instead of replacing A::Baz in the v-table, B::Baz takes a new entry and peacefully coexists with A::Baz. Since A::Baz is still present in the v-table of the instance, the situation is practically (oops, almost wrote virtually ; I should watch it; we can t have puns in such a serious book) identical to the situation with A::Foo and B::Foo, except that the calls are done through the v-table. The Visual Basic .NET compiler likes this concept and uses it rather extensively. If we don t want a virtual method to be overridden in the class descendants, we can mark it with the final flag. If you try to override a final method, the loader fails and throws a TypeLoad exception. Instances of unboxed value types don t have pointers to v-tables. It is perfectly legal to declare the virtual methods as members of a value type, but these methods can be virtually called only from a boxed instance of the value type: .class public value XXX { .method public void YYY( ) { ... } .method public virtual void ZZZ( ) { ... } } .method public static void Exec( ) { .entrypoint .locals init(valuetype XXX xxx) // // ldloca xxx // call instance void XXX::YYY( ) // // // ldloca xxx
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Figure 15-16. Calendar and DatePicker controls
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Figure 11-6. Using a facade to define the data returned to the consumer
Figure 3-6. The Copy Web Site interface in Visual Studio .NET 2005
Yeah. Right. That is so 1980s.
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