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Figure 16-35. Type a message to the developer.
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The Image control can fire the event described in Table 4-18. Table 4-18. Image Control Event
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One thing that you ll notice as being conspicuously missing from this list is a database. While you could install a full version of SQL Server (SharePoint requires SQL 2005 or SQL 2000 SP3a or better), we re going to let the SharePoint installer install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition for us. This isn t a production environment, and our usage will be limited to a single user (you) and low volume. Naturally, I would never recommend SQL Express for a production environment but for our purposes it will work out nicely.
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4. In the Properties panel locate the Common Properties bucket and change the StateName to
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// Implementation code
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No rocket science here just a simple file share. It makes things easier to put it on your SharePoint server but it could go anywhere on your network as long as it is accessible. One important thing is that anyone who will be using this solution will need at least Read access to this share so that they can get at the VSTO assembly. The account we use in the next step to publish our VSTO solution will need Write access as well. Your network security policies will dictate exactly how you make that happen. For this exercise, I ll call the share VSTOApps.
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Formats the value as a currency, using a currency symbol. Precision specifier: The number of decimal places. Sample: Console.WriteLine("{0 :C}", 12.5); Output: $12.50
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It s time to look at the new DataView functionality, so let s create a new empty ASP.NET web project called 11.HelloAjax. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Create a directory called Scripts within your project. Download the latest AJAX libraries from Unzip the downloaded file and copy the contents of the Scripts directory to the new project s root directory. You don t want any of the master page stuff, so delete the Default.aspx file. To show the libraries are platform-independent, add a new HTML file called dataviewDeclarative.htm. Drag Start.js to the default.htm head HTML section to create the following script reference to the client script loader: <script src="Scripts/start.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
Figure 3-8. Set the properties for the new interface. Notice that Visual Studio creates a new interface file for us called IColor.cs. This file has only one method in it, called yep, you guessed it SetMyColor (see the following code): namespace OOP { interface IColor { void SetMyColor(); } } Now here is the fun part. Press Control+Shift+B to compile the Silverlight application, and notice you get two build errors saying that Orange and Apple do not implement Fruit.SetMyColor. This is exactly what we had hoped for because it means that Orange and Apple are now required to implement SetMyColor, but they have not done so. Let s have them implement SetMyColor now:
You will now modify this page to make navigation around the example easier. Open the view file ~/Views/Home/Index.aspx. Replace the content tag with the following code: <asp:Content ID="indexContent" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent" runat="server"> <%= TempData["Message"] %> <a <a <a <a <a href="Film">Example 1 - Hello MVC</a> <br /> href="Film/All">Example 2 - All Films</a> <br /> href="Film/Detail/1">Example 3 - Film Detail</a> <br /> href="Film/Edit/1">Example 4 - Edit Strongly Typed</a> <br /> href="Film/EditJSON/1">Example 5 - Edit using JSON</a> <br />
When you re doing distributed application development, you must always decide how you re going to communicate across boundaries. When you re using .NET to do your distributed application development, these boundaries can be between application domains within a process, across processes on a machine, or across machines on a network. In order to decide how to communicate across these boundaries, you must decide two things: what will be used as a listener, and what the listener will be listening for There are many answers to these questions when using the .NET Framework. The answer to one question doesn t necessarily dictate the answer to the second question, so you have many valid combinations of choices.
In previous versions of ASP.NET, when a row was selected within a ListView (or GridView) and the user moved to another page, the selection was maintained on the next page. This can be bad news if you then use this selection to perform an action on the selected record. ASP.NET 4.0 resolves this problem with the new EnablePersistedSelection property. If EnablePersistedSelection is set to True, then row selection is maintained using the datakey of each item. Another welcome change is that the declaration of ListViews has been much simplified. The following code shows how a ListView control had to be declared previously: <asp:ListView ID="lstView" runat="server"> <LayoutTemplate> <asp:PlaceHolder ID="itemPlaceholder" runat="server"></asp:PlaceHolder> </LayoutTemplate> <ItemTemplate> <%# Eval("firstname")%> </ItemTemplate> </asp:ListView> ASP.NET 4.0 allows you to do the following: <asp:ListView ID="ListView1" runat="server"> <ItemTemplate> <%# Eval("firstname") %> </ItemTemplate> </asp:ListView>
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