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The Factory Methods region implements a GetRoles() factory method, which just calls the data portal like the other factory methods you ve seen. It also implements a non-public constructor to require use of the factory method. But the constructor contains an extra line of code that is quite important: private Roles() { this.AllowNew = true; } AllowNew is a protected property defined by BindingList; the base class of BusinessListBase. Setting this to true allows Windows Forms data binding to automatically add new child objects to the collection. Typically, this happens when the collection is bound to an editable grid control in the UI. Table 8-2 lists the properties you can use to control the behavior of an editable collection. Table 8-2. Properties Used to Control an Editable Collection
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4: Layout Controls: Including the New Silverlight 4 Controls: Viewbox, RichTextBox, FlowDirection Property, and Improved Data Binding .................................................................. 71
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When MainForm is resized, the Panel control s Resize event is automatically raised. The following code handles that event to resize all the hosted user controls: Private Sub Panel1_Resize( _ ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Panel1.Resize For Each ctl As Control In Panel1.Controls If TypeOf ctl Is WinPart Then ctl.Size = Panel1.ClientSize End If Next End Sub With the ability to add, remove, and resize user controls, the code in MainForm covers most of the capabilities required. Of course, there s the implementation of the Documents menu itself to consider.
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Traditional XML Web Services vs. SOAP Messaging over HTTP
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Figure 4-2. A simple graphical screen
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The Clone Method
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Whitespace in a program refers to characters that do not have a visible output character. Whitespace in source code is ignored by the compiler, but is used by the programmer to make the code clearer and easier to read. Some of the whitespace characters include the following: Space Tab New line Carriage return For example, the following code fragments are treated exactly the same by the compiler in spite of their differences in appearance. // Nicely formatted Main() { Console.WriteLine("Hi, there!"); } // Just concatenated Main(){Console.WriteLine("Hi, there!");}
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ID Target Effect
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