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Figure 18-28. Conversion of Employee to float
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Figure 9-6. Both the table storage and the application used to access the table storage need to be deployed to the cloud
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Listing 5-25. Using the Cpu Class using System; using Microsoft.SPOT; using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware; namespace CpuSample { public class Program { public static void Main() { Cpu.GlitchFilterTime = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 0, 0, 100); //100 ms float systemClock = Cpu.SystemClock / 1000000.0f; Debug.Print("System Clock: " + systemClock.ToString("F6") + " MHz"); float slowClock = Cpu.SlowClock / 1000000.0f; Debug.Print("Slow Clock: " + slowClock.ToString("F6") + " MHz"); float glitchFilterTimeMs = Cpu.GlitchFilterTime.Ticks / (float)TimeSpan.TicksPerMillisecond; Debug.Print("Glitch Filter Time: " + glitchFilterTimeMs.ToString("F1") + " ms"); } } }
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going to describe how they all work together. What typically happens is that you write the XML Schema for your dataset, and the new xjc command-line tool generates the associated JavaBeans component classes. It places the annotations in the class files for you to get the right XML.
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removing from the ends only. Removing from the middle of a deque is apt to lead to performance degradation, though the operation will succeed. Deque has six methods for examining elements: element(), getFirst(), and getLast(), with peek(), peekFirst(), and peekLast(). There is no get() method, as element() is the interface method inherited from Queue. The get methods are similar to removeXXX(), as a NoSuchElementException is thrown when the deque is empty. The peek methods, on the other hand, return null when empty. Of course, this means that if a deque allows the addition of null values, you won t be able to tell the difference between a null item at the end of the deque or nothing in the deque. But that is where the size() method comes in handy. As a deque is doubly linked, you can traverse through the elements in either order, forward or backward. Use iterator() to go through from front to back, and descendingIterator() to go in the reverse order, from back to front. You cannot, however, access an element by position at least not through the Deque interface. While LinkedList is an implementation of Deque, it supports indexed access through the List interface. Here s what the whole interface looks like:
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for (int i = 0; i < messages->Length; i++) { Console::WriteLine("Received: {0} From: <{1}> Subject: {2}", messages[i]->DateReceived, messages[i]->From, messages[i]->Subject ); } Console::WriteLine(); }
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