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Typically, the parent parameter will be strongly typed based on the class of the parent object itself.
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Read() ReadLine() ReadKey(), ReadKey(bool) Write(bool), Write(char), Write(int), and so on WriteLine(bool), WriteLine(char), WriteLine(int), and so on
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Passing in the book name to the program shows the reversed title:
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Retrieving Roles
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// Generic interface
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You saw that a query expression starts with a required from clause, which is followed by the query body. The body itself can start with any number of additional from clauses, where each subsequent from clause specifies an additional source data collection and introduces a new iteration variable for use in further evaluations. The syntax and meanings of all the from clauses are the same. The following code shows an example of this use. The first from clause is the required clause of the query expression. The second from clause is the first clause of the query body. The select clause creates objects of an anonymous type.
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This code contains a number of things related to Verlet physics. Here, you see TouchIsDown and TouchIsUp, which were introduced in the earlier example. This code says that in the frame where I put a finger down, find me the first ball I m touching and select it. When I release the finger, deselect it. And as long as I have a selected ball, move it with the finger. Listing 6-37 shows the final game.c function, DrawBalls.
Figure 9-8. The for loop
If we have a REPEATABLE READ isolation, the results from a given query must be consistent with respect to some point in time. Most databases (not Oracle) achieve repeatable reads via the use of row-level shared read locks. A shared read lock prevents other sessions from modifying data that we have read. This, of course, decreases concurrency. Oracle opted for the more concurrent, multi-versioning model to provide read-consistent answers. In Oracle, using multi-versioning, we get an answer that is consistent with respect to the point in time the query began execution. In other databases, using shared read locks, we get an answer that is consistent with respect to the point in time the query completes that is, when we can get the answer at all (more on this in a moment). In a system that employs a shared read lock to provide repeatable reads, we would observe rows in a table getting locked as the query processed them. So, using the earlier example, as our query reads the ACCOUNTS table, it would leave shared read locks on each row, as shown in Table 7-5.
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