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The standard ClientContext and GlobalContext properties, along with the GetClientContext() and GetGlobalContext() methods, provide access to the context data both publicly and to the clientside DataPortal. On the other end of the process, Csla.Server.DataPortal needs to take the values provided by the client and use them to set the slots on the server s Thread object or into the server s HttpContext. This is done by calling a SetContext() method: internal static void SetContext( HybridDictionary clientContext, HybridDictionary globalContext) { SetClientContext(clientContext); SetGlobalContext(globalContext); } This method simply sets both the values. This works even if the values passed from the client are null, ensuring that the server context is identical to that on the client. Similarly, Csla.Server.DataPortal needs to be able to clear the context on the server. It does this by calling a Clear() method: public static void Clear() { SetContext(null, null); } Clearing the context merely means that the context values from the client should be removed from the thread or HttpContext. The easiest way to do this is simply to set the values to null.
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Table 2 provides links for everything from organizing and finding your contacts to managing your calendar, working with email, sending messages, getting driving directions, calling people with FaceTime, and more.
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will bind the DataContext of LayoutRoot to the MainViewModel (Figure 15-20).
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start with the next recipe instead of this one.
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done by some type of administrator), you can accomplish this by simply not adding that field to the UI for the initiation form. You ll need to make sure that you can still carry around the information typically in ViewState there s an example in the comments of the template file.
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Figure 14-11. Selecting resources for export If you had any virtual directories (IIS) that would have been included in the resource selection step, you would need to indicate IIS host information, as shown in Figure 14-12.
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<cc1:TabContainer ID="TabContainer1" runat="server" ActiveTabIndex=0 AutoPostBack=true OnActiveTabChanged="TabContainer1_ActiveTabChanged"> <cc1:TabPanel ID="TabPanel1" runat="server" HeaderText="TabPanel1"> <HeaderTemplate> Basic Quote </HeaderTemplate> <ContentTemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblBasicQuote" Text ="Label" runat="server"> </asp:Label> </ContentTemplate> </cc1:TabPanel> <cc1:TabPanel ID="TabPanel2" runat="server" HeaderText="TabPanel2"> <HeaderTemplate> Price History </HeaderTemplate> <ContentTemplate> . . . </ContentTemplate> </cc1:TabPanel> <cc1:TabPanel ID="TabPanel3" runat="server" HeaderText="TabPanel3"> <HeaderTemplate> Charts & Analytics </HeaderTemplate> <ContentTemplate> . . . </ContentTemplate> </cc1:TabPanel> </cc1:TabContainer>
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You can now add the code that implements the namespace AJAXBook and the class Car. When you use Visual Studio 2005 to create and edit JavaScript code, it provides syntax coloring to make the code easier to understand and maintain. Unfortunately, Visual Studio 2005 doesn t add Intellisense; in other words, when you say Type, it doesn't bring up a list of members on the Type type. Figure 3-5 shows the namespace AJAXBook and the class definition for Car in the editor.
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ref class Hello { String^ greeting; public: Hello(String^ str) : greeting(str) { } void Greet() { Console::WriteLine(greeting + "!"); } void SetGreeting(String^ newGreeting) { greeting = newGreeting; } }; int main() { Hello^ hello = gcnew Hello("Hi there!"); hello->SetGreeting("Hello World"); hello->Greet(); hello->SetGreeting("Howdy"); hello->Greet(); } This code creates a reference class, as indicated by the ref keyword. It s called Hello, with a constructor, a method called Greet, and another method called SetGreeting. The SetGreeting method takes a System::String parameter. The caret indicates that the parameter type is handle to String. The String class is the CLI version of a (Unicode) character string. Unlike a native string, the String object is invariant, which means it cannot be changed without creating a brand new string. In 5, you ll see how to create a string that can be manipulated and changed.
As is the case for all iPod touch apps, games can be found at the App Store (see Figure 21 1). You can get them either through iTunes on your computer or through the device s built-in App Store program.
Enumerating a String
The bulk of the code in the Business Methods region for most objects will be the properties. Some objects may include complex methods implementing business logic, but virtually all objects include properties to allow the UI to view or update the object s values. The Id property of the Project is read-only. It also represents the object s unique primary key value in the database: <System.ComponentModel.DataObjectField(True, True)> _ Public ReadOnly Property Id() As Guid Get CanReadProperty(True) Return mId End Get End Property Since this is the primary key for the data in the database, the value can also be considered to be a unique identifier for the object itself. The DataObjectField attribute is used to specify that the property is both a primary key and an identity value. This attribute is used by data binding, and in particular by the CslaDataSource ASP.NET control created in 5. The attribute is optional, but is useful for helping to identify the nature of primary key properties. Notice the use of the CanReadProperty() method in the get block. This code uses the overload created in 3, telling the method to throw a System.Security.SecurityException if the current user is not authorized to read the property. This is the simplest way to use the authorization functionality built into CSLA .NET. You could also opt to manually check the result with code like this: If CanReadProperty() Then Return mId Else ' take appropriate action End If This approach allows you to do something other than throw the default exception. You would write your code in the Else clause to cover the case in which the user isn t authorized to read the property. A third approach, which avoids the use of System.Diagnostics to determine the name of the property, is as follows: If CanReadProperty("Id") Then Return mId Else ' take appropriate action End If Notice that in this case, the name of the property is specified as literal text. This reduces the maintainability of the code, but has a marginal performance benefit by avoiding the System. Diagnostics call used by the previous overloads. You can determine whether the performance gain is worth the maintainability loss for your particular application.
Scheduling on UI thread
Technically, this is a misuse of the null value, which is intended to differentiate between a value that was never entered, and one that s empty. Unfortunately, we re typically left with no choice, because there s no way to put an empty date value into a date data type.
Figure 1-4. The control toolbox in Expression Blend The Objects and Timeline area to the immediate right of the toolbox provides a place to create and manage animation storyboards, but more importantly for us right now, it shows the object hierarchy in XAML. After creating our application, we see [UserControl] and LayoutRoot. Click [UserControl] to highlight it and then click Properties in the top-right portion of the screen. The control with the gray highlight is the control that shows up in the Properties pane (see Figure 1-5).
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