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Figure 2-16. UML sequence diagram for the creation of a new business object You can see how the UI interacts with the business object class (the static factory method), which then creates a criteria object and passes it to the client-side DataPortal. The client-side DataPortal then delegates the call to the server-side data portal (which may be running locally or remotely, depending on configuration). The server-side data portal then creates an instance of the business object itself and calls the business object s DataPortal_Create() method so it can populate itself with default values. The resulting business object is then ultimately returned to the UI. Alternatively, the DataPortal_Create() method could request the default data values from a persistence object in another assembly, thus providing a clearer separation between the Business Logic and Data Access layers. In a physical n-tier configuration, remember that the criteria object starts out on the client machine and is passed by value to the application server. The business object itself is created on the application server where it s populated with default values. It s then passed back to the client machine by value. This architecture truly takes advantage of the mobile object concept.
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If performance problems have not yet surfaced, but the DBA wants to check the server resource usage to determine whether further investigation is required, an efficient, low-impact method should be used to examine performance. In this case, suggestions include the use of the Sampling Performance with Low Overhead method from 9, review of scheduled Statspack reports, review of AWR reports (if licensed to use this feature), review of ADDM reports (if licensed to use this feature), or review of Enterprise Manager s performance metrics (if licensed to use this feature).
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Use the Debug and Trace classes. Use code analysis.
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Besides classes, you can also apply attributes to other program constructs such as fields and properties. The following declaration shows an attribute on a field, and multiple attributes on a method: [MyAttribute("Holds a value", "Version 3.2")] public int MyField; [Obsolete] [MyAttribute("Prints out a message.", "Version 3.6")] public void PrintOut() { ... // On a field // On a method
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In-Line XAML Code in Hosting HTML File
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes
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