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A namespace can be a member of another namespace. The member is called a nested namespace. Nesting namespaces allows you to create a conceptual hierarchy of types. Although the nested namespace is a member of the enclosing namespace, its members are not members of the enclosing namespace. A common misconception people initially have about nested namespaces is that since the nested namespace is inside the enclosing namespace, the members of the nested namespace must be a subset of the enclosing namespace. This is not true; the namespaces are separate. There are two ways you can declare a nested namespace: Textual nesting: You can create a nested namespace by placing its declaration inside the declaration body of the enclosing namespace. This is illustrated on the left in Figure 10-9. In this example, namespace OtherNs is nested in namespace MyNamespace. Separate declaration: You can also create a separate declaration for the nested namespace, but you must use its fully qualified name in the declaration. This is illustrated on the right in Figure 10-9. Notice that in the declaration of nested namespace OtherNs, the fully qualified name MyNamespace.OtherNS is used.
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Note When no PivotTable style is applied, the preview function won t work when you point to a different
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You can write a custom listener process that accepts requests from a TCP channel or via HTTP You can also program it to expect binary or SOAP messages over your chosen channel. . These choices are independent. It s only when you re hosting a remoted component within ASP .NET that you re limited in these choices, as you are bound to the HTTP channel. However, this channel can still be used to send binary or SOAP messages. We ll take a look at all of these scenarios in the sections that follow. Remote objects can also be used to pass messages across application domains within a managed process. This is what Remoting is most highly optimized to accomplish, and is what Microsoft says is the best reason to adopt Remoting. See 6 and 9 for a discussion of some of the issues relating to Remoting versus Web Services (which is really a debate of RPC versus Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA). With the introduction of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Microsoft is moving this concept of an extensible layer of transport and messaging into all out-of-process calls that are done in the operating system (see 9 for a preview of WCF). This is why WCF is called the unified out-of-process call stack. Today with WCF, Web Services requests can get passed via MSMQ as easily as they are via HTTP There are really a lot of valid combi. nations.
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The Solution
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The three methods are used to initiate actions or change state. Calling the RunWorkerAsync method retrieves a background thread that executes the DoWork event handler. Calling the CancelAsync method sets the CancellationPending property to true, potentially, although not necessarily, canceling the thread. It is the responsibility of the DoWork event handler to inspect this property to determine whether it should stop its processing. The ReportProgress method can be called by the DoWork event handler (from the background thread) when it wants to report its progress to the main thread.
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Figure 7-6. Viewing items for a task
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The MainView contains not only a GridView control, but also a LinkButton control named AddRoleButton. This button allows the user to add a new Role object to the Roles collection. To do this, the current View is changed to InsertView: protected void AddRoleButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.DetailsView1.DefaultMode = DetailsViewMode.Insert; MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = (int)Views.InsertView; } This changes the page to appear, as shown in Figure 10-13. Look at the address bar in the browser; see how it is still RolesEdit.aspx even though the display is entirely different from Figure 10-10. This illustrates the power of the MultiView control, which allows a user to remain on a single page to view, edit, and insert data.
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Security and External Applications For external applications, things are entirely different. This is really
The Solution
Figure 10-21. The structures of different assembly signing stages
1.x Problem: Losing All Properties When ViewState Is Off
The EnableDataValueEditing property can only be set programmatically, and it allows temporary changes to the pivot table data area cells.
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