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Message-based security: Provided for reliable messaging scenarios where the receiver may not be online at the time that the message is received. Message-based security ensures that message integrity and security are provided during asynchronous communication between a sender and receiver. Transport-level security: Using a direct security protocol such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which automatically provides message encryption and signatures, based on digital certificates. As with the Indigo service model, WSE 2.0 and today s ASP.NET Web services clearly prepare you for working with the future Indigo connector. Make sure that you understand the concepts that are presented in 2 on the WSDL document. The Indigo connector rolls up all of these concepts and more, including transport and communication channels, and message security.
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Editing an Existing Object
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Console.ReadLine(); } static void printArrayDetails(string[] arr) { // report the size of the array Console.WriteLine("Array Length: {0}", arr.Length); // report on the contents of the array foreach (string s in arr) { if (s == null) { Console.WriteLine("Item: null"); } else { Console.WriteLine("Item: {0}", s); } } } } The Copy method takes the source array, the destination array, and the number of items to copy as parameters. There are overloaded versions of the Copy method available that allow you to be more selective about the data that is copied. Arrays inherit the instance method CopyTo, which copies all the items in the array to another array. I could have replaced the Copy statement in bold in the listing with the following, where the parameters are the array to copy the data into and the index to start the copy from:
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Extension methods are described in detail in 7 and work just as well with generic classes. They allow you to associate a static method in one class with a different generic class and to invoke the method as if it were an instance method on a constructed instance of the class. As with nongeneric classes, an extension method for a generic class must satisfy the following constraints: It must be declared static. It must be the member of a static class. It must contain as its first parameter type the keyword this, followed by the name of the generic class it extends.
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You can use one of two techniques to prevent this issue. You can add a static constructor to each of your custom base classes, or you can ensure that some static field is initialized as each object instance is created.
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Account Number
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Table 2-6. Transaction Options Supported by Data Portal
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The using alias directive allows you to assign an alias for either of the following: A namespace A type in a namespace For example, the following code shows the use of two using alias directives. The first directive instructs the compiler that identifier Syst is an alias for namespace System. The second directive says that identifier SC is an alias for class System.Console. Keyword Alias Namespace using Syst = System; using SC = System.Console; Keyword Alias Class The following code uses these aliases. All three lines of code in Main call the System.Console.WriteLine method. The first statement in Main uses the alias for a namespace System. The second statement uses the fully qualified name of the method. The third statement uses the alias for a class Console. using Syst = System; using SC = System.Console; // using alias directive // using alias directive
On-Device iPod touch User Guide
If true (default state), the media will begin playing immediately after Source is set (i.e., it will transition into the Buffering state and then into the Playing state automatically). If false, the media will not start playing automatically and will remain in the Stopped state. The ratio of volume across stereo speakers. The range is between -1 (100% volume to the left-side speakers) to 1 (100% volume to the right-side speakers). The default is 0, which means evenly distributed volume to right- and left-side speakers. The current buffering progress, between 0 and 1. Multiply by 100 to get a percentage value; read-only. The amount of time to buffer; the default is five seconds. Returns true if the media can be paused via the Pause method; read-only. Returns true if the current position in the media can be set via the Seek method; read-only.
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