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To Save or Copy a graphic, touch and hold the picture or image until you see the popup asking if you would like to Save or Copy the image.
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Table 4-2. UI Control Properties
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Can write workflows for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (version 3). Code-behind file enables developer to write custom Microsoft Visual C# or Microsoft Visual Basic .NET code to express business logic. Generates workflow markup file. Workflow is authored as a template, which can be associated with multiple sites and lists. Workflow markup file, or markup and codebehind files, compiled into workflow assembly. Workflow template must be associated with each list on which it is to be available. Workflow template can be associated with a site content type. Can use any forms technology. For example, Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 forms for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) workflows. Can include workflow modifications. Can author custom activities for inclusion in workflows. Package workflow assembly and workflow definition as a SharePoint Feature, and deploy to the site. Can use initiation form to gather information from the user when they start the workflow.
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environment. I am frequently asked, What defines low cardinality There is no cut-and-dried answer for this. Sometimes it is 3 values out of 100,000. Sometimes it is 10,000 values out of 1,000,000. Low cardinality doesn t imply single-digit counts of distinct values. Experimentation is the way to discover if a bitmap is a good idea for your application. In general, if you have a large, mostly read-only environment with lots of ad hoc queries, a set of bitmap indexes may be exactly what you need.
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GlobalContext ClientContext Principal IsRemotePortal ClientCulture ClientUICulture
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There are three kinds of values you can assign to a variable of a nullable type: A value of the underlying type A value of the same nullable type The value null The following code shows an example of each of the three types of assignment: int myI1, myI2, myI3; myI1 = 28; myI2 = myI1; myI3 = null; // Value of underlying type // Value of nullable type // Null
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Figure 21-7. Two arrays of objects and their join on field StId The following code puts the whole example together. The query finds the last names of all the students taking the history course.
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Figure 3-7. The Visual Studio .NET Solution Explorer showing the StockTrader Web service and the Web service consumer project
Syntactically, one-dimensional arrays and rectangular arrays are very similar, so they will be treated together. Jagged arrays will be treated separately.
{ if (null != _transaction) { _transaction.Rollback(); } CloseConn(); _transaction = null; } public SqlDataReader GetDataReader(SqlCommand command) { try { OpenConn(); command.Connection = _connection; command.Transaction = _transaction; command.CommandTimeout = COMMAND_TIMEOUT; return command.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection); } finally { if (_transaction != null) { RollBackTrans(); } command.Dispose(); } } public Object ExecuteNonQuery(SqlCommand command) { OpenConn(); command.Connection = _connection; command.Transaction = _transaction; command.CommandTimeout = COMMAND_TIMEOUT; try { int rowsAffected = command.ExecuteNonQuery(); return (command.Parameters.Contains("@ReturnValue")) Convert.ToInt32(command.Parameters["@ReturnValue"].Value) : rowsAffected; } finally { if (_transaction != null)
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