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There are three variations on enumerators. They all work essentially the same way, with only slight differences. I will discuss all three types. You can implement enumerators using The IEnumerator/IEnumerable interfaces called the non-generic interface form The IEnumerator<T>/IEnumerable<T> interfaces called the generic interface form No interfaces
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Command objects can be used in many ways. They may be called directly by UI code to execute arbitrary code on the application server, but even more often they are used within other business objects to execute code on the application server. A primary example is when a normal editable business object wants to implement an Exists() command. You ll see an example of this concept in the Project and Resource objects in 8. If the UI is to directly use the object, the class will be public, while if it is to be used within the context of another business object, it will be a private nested class within that business object. Either way, the structure of a command object is the same, as shown here: [Serializable()] class CommandObject : CommandBase { #region Authorization Methods public static bool CanExecuteCommand() { // TODO: customize to check user role //return ApplicationContext.User.IsInRole(""); return true; } #endregion #region Client-side Code // TODO: add your own fields and properties bool _result;
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CHAPTER 10: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, and More
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tapping anything around it. Ideally you need to go 32 32 or more. So, Space Hike s scanner map got redefined to 9 9 squares, giving us a whole 35 pixels per grid square to play with (or 32 32 with an artistic surround). Originally I also had an option to switch on your shields, which was in the original Star Trek games and reduced damage at the expense of constantly draining power when they were on, but with the simplified Space Hike game, they didn t really gel and added an extra layer of complexity that wasn t needed. Besides, Star Trek just pinched them from E. Doc Smith anyway! The first builds of Space Hike controlled your movement by requiring you to tap the location you wanted to whoop to (the Expendable uses the experimental Whoop drive, so-named after the sound it makes despite all laws of physics about sound in a vacuum). Then press the Whoop button to activate it. After a bit of play, I simplified this to just tapping the location you want to jump to, making the Whoop button useless.
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objects in the real world or a conceptual world.
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You may also specify, as string values, the names of the create, fetch, update, and delete methods that should be invoked on the factory object. By default, the data portal invokes methods named Create(), Fetch(), Update() and Delete(), which must be implemented in the object factory class. An object factory class looks like this: public class MyFactory : Csla.Server.ObjectFactory { public object Create() { } public object Fetch(SingleCriteria<MyBusinessClass, int> criteria) { } public object Update(object obj) { } public void Delete(SingleCriteria<MyBusinessClass, int> criteria) { } } As with the DataPortal_Create(), DataPortal_Fetch(), and DataPortal_Delete() methods, you may implement multiple overloads of the Create(), Fetch(), and Delete() methods, and the data
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In order to work with a vector, it is necessary to create one. The IL instruction set contains special instructions for vector creation and vector length querying: newarr <token> (0x8D). Create a vector. <token> specifies the type of vector elements and must be a valid TypeDef, TypeRef, or TypeSpec token. This instruction pops the number of vector elements (native int or int32) from the stack and pushes an object reference to the created vector on the stack. If the operation fails, an OutOfMemory exception is thrown. If the number of elements happens to be negative, an Overflow exception is thrown. The elements of the newly created vector are zero initialized. For example: .locals init (int32[] arr) ldc.i4 123 newarr [mscorlib]System.Int32 // newarr int32 would work too stloc.0 For specific details about array creation, see the description of the newobj instruction.
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only one instance of the data member _instance can exist. The keyword volatile ensures that a multithreaded application will retrieve the most current value and not one from a cache. To retrieve an instance of the Singleton class, the client uses the method Instance. In the implementation of Instance, a double-checked lock is used. Imagine an application that is executing and references the method Instance for the very first time. The data member _instance will equal null, and that is an indicator to instantiate a Singleton class. However, an application might have multiple threads, and therefore multiple threads will realize that they need to instantiate a Singleton instance. This is the purpose of the lock statement; it ensures only one thread will instantiate a singleton. If a thread has control, a check is made to ensure that the _instance data member is still null, because another thread might have created an instance. If the data member _instance is null, then the class Singleton is instantiated. A client would use Singleton as follows: Singleton.Instance().Value; The example singleton implementation illustrates how to instantiate a singleton using a method reference. The advantage of using this approach is it enables the singleton class to be constructed using a configuration file or some other global information. If a simple instantiation is desired, and the application isn t required to have loaded all information, then the following Singleton class implementation is adequate: sealed class Singleton { private Singleton() { } public static readonly Singleton Instance = new Singleton(); } In this example, the Singleton type is instantiated when the Singleton class is referenced for the first time. This technique has no synchronization and is possible because the .NET Framework ensures that only a single thread initializes static data members.
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The stack panel uses the screen resolution to lay out the elements. But you do not have precise control on a pixel level where to place the elements. If you need to specify the exact pixel position of child elements, you should use the Canvas panel. Canvas derives from Panel and can be used like StackPanel, but it allows you to set the exact pixel position for the individual child elements with the methods SetTop and SetLeft. Listing 11-20 demonstrates how to use a canvas to place elements precisely, as illustrated in Figure 11-28. Listing 11-20. Exact Positioning of Elements with a Canvas using System; using Microsoft.SPOT; using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation; using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Controls;
Linear Search
Business Logic in the Middle (Merged Business and Data Access Layers)
Fields and Data Constants
class Vehicle , as I am doing in Figure 10-6:
The control doesn t support any methods or events. It is simply used to get a better understanding of a specific column, returning its name, type, and default value.
jQuery provides methods to read, set and remove attributes on page elements. Table 12-5. Examples of working with attributes
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