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Static Languages
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Binding the Ports
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The core component of the .NET Framework is the CLR, which sits on top of the operating system and manages program execution, as shown in Figure 1-6. The CLR also provides the following services: Automatic garbage collection Security and authentication Extensive programming functionality through access to the BCL including functionality such as web services and data services
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Logical AND Logical OR Logical NOT
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AssignView is comparatively straightforward. It contains a GridView control that is data bound to the ResourceListDataSource control. Effectively, this means the GridView is bound to a ResourceList business object, so it displays the list of resources to the user. The CommandField column in the GridView provides a Select link, so the user can select the resource to be assigned. There s also a LinkButton at the bottom to allow the user to cancel the operation and return to MainView without assigning a resource at all. Finally, Figure 10-20 shows the bottom of the page, beneath the MultiView control.
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WriteLine(string, object)
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Figure 4-9. StateInitialization activity Return to the State Composition View and add a StateInitialization activity to the LastState activity. Within this StateInitialization activity, add a Parallel activity. Add a Code activity called ParallelLeft to the left Sequence activity within the Parallel activity. Generate the Handlers for
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Table 8-2. Control Properties for Our Rule Manager Solution
The following class contains a method with a ref parameter: class Calculator { public void CalculateSum(ref int result, int x, int y) { result = x + y; } } The ref keyword must also be applied when calling a method that has a ref parameter. The following statements demonstrate the use of the CalculateSum method: // create a Calculator object Calculator calc = new Calculator(); // define a value-type variable that will be used as the ref parameter int result = 0; // call the CalculateSum method calc.CalculateSum(ref result, 10, 10);
Structs As Return Values and Parameters
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