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The Weather Channel is certainly one of the weather authorities today. The Weather Channel app takes a similar approach to the Weather app on the iPod touch.
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MainForm LoginForm RolesEdit ProjectSelect ProjectEdit ResourceSelect ResourceEdit
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You can also set the RepeatBehavior in Blend by clicking the Storyboard in the Objects and Timeline panel and locating the property in the Properties panel.
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{ throw new NotImplementedException(); } } }
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In native classes, destructors play an important role for ensuring deterministic cleanup. C# and C++ Managed Extensions support a destructor-like syntax for managed types; however, in both languages, these special functions do not support deterministic cleanup. Instead of that, they can be used to provide nondeterministic cleanup by implementing a so-called finalizer. Due to its nondeterministic character, this finalizer concept is fundamentally different from the concept of destructors in native types. Since finalizers should only be implemented in special cases, I defer that discussion to 11. The CTS does not have a concept for destructors, but you can implement a special .NET interface to support a destructor-like deterministic resource cleanup. This interface is called System::IDisposable. The following code shows how it is defined: namespace System { public interface class IDisposable { void Dispose(); }; } IDisposable is implemented by classes containing non-memory resources. Many types in the FCL implement this interface. System::IO::FileStream .NET s wrapper around the Win32 File API is one example. For a user of a class library, the implementation of IDisposable provides the following two pieces of information: It acts as an indicator that instances should be cleaned up properly. It provides a way to actually do the cleanup calling IDisposable::Dispose. As a C++/CLI developer, you seldom work with the IDisposable interface directly, because this interface is hidden behind language constructs. Neither is IDisposable implemented like a normal interface, nor is its Dispose method called like a normal interface method. Destructors of the C++ type system and implementations of IDisposable::Dispose in managed classes are so comparable that the C++/CLI language actually maps the destructor syntax to an implementation of IDisposable::Dispose. If a ref class implements a function with the destructor syntax, C++/CLI generates a managed class that implements IDisposable so that the programmer s destructor logic is executed when IDisposable::Dispose is called. The following code shows a simple ref class with a destructor: public ref class AManagedClassWithDestructor { ~AManagedClassWithDestructor() { /* ... */ } }; The following pseudocode shows that this ref class is complied to a managed class that implements IDisposable: ref class ManagedClassWithDestructor : IDisposable { public:
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You can also remove a method from a delegate, using the -= operator. The following code shows the use of the operator. Figure 15-8 shows the result of this code when applied to the delegate illustrated in Figure 15-7. delVar -= SCl.m3; // Remove the method from the delegate.
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So what game engines are available now for making great iPhone games We ve listed the major ones here, and there will likely be more by the time you read this. Torque: This popular 3D engine from GarageGames has been ported to the iPhone. Torque makes it easy to produce first-person-shooter games, although that s certainly not all it can do. Programmers write high-level scripts to define characters and attributes, and the engine takes care of the rendering. Torque is available from http://www. cocos2d: This is an iPhone port of a popular 2D game engine. cocos2d includes many functions for impressive screen effects, such as page turning and cinematic wipes. cocos2D is available from Unity: This is a full-featured 3D game engine with support for a wide array of features, including physics, terrain, and audio. It also includes a powerful world editor for setting up your scenes. Used for desktop and console games for years, Unity was recently ported to the iPhone. At PosiMotion, we are currently working with the Unity iPhone SDK to develop a martial arts game. This game engine is available from http:// code 128 print
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Not only does the class implement Iterable, but there are four new constructors for SQLException, passing in the cause of the underlying SQL exception: SQLException(Throwable cause) SQLException(String reason, Throwable cause) SQLException(String reason, String sqlState, Throwable cause) SQLException(String reason, String sqlState, int vendorCode, Throwable cause) This allows you to discover that, say, an IOException caused the SQLException. This changes the earlier code snippet a little bit to check for causes, and not just loop through all the SQL exceptions.
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Figure 15-6. Out-of-browser application installation window with a security warning when the elevated trust option is enabled and the application is signed with a digital certificate
Weather Bug
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